Holiday Gifts for Casual Acquaintances

Holiday Gifts for Casual Acquaintances

Christmas shopping can be difficult enough without the added stress of finding a holiday gift for someone you don’t know very well.  If you have to buy a gift this season for a casual acquaintance, here are a few ideas.

Gourmet food baskets are a good choice for any number of recipients.  You can choose from Italian-inspired baskets to fine chocolates to freshly-roasted nuts.  However, before ordering a holiday gift basket you should ensure that your acquaintance doesn’t have any food allergies.

If you’re not sure about possible food allergies and have no way of discreetly finding out, you may want to choose a green plant or bouquet of fresh flowers.  Many people host holiday parties in their homes, and a decorative Poinsettia plant or an arrangement of colorful flowers will help spruce up their party.

When buying a gift for a co-worker, consider something that they can use at the office like a desktop organizer, personalized pen set or photo frame.  If you know what type of book your co-worker likes, pick out a bestselling novel for them – just be sure to include a gift receipt in case they have already read that book.  With only a little knowledge of your recipient’s tastes and preferences, you should be able to come up with a great holiday gift choice this year.

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  1. basket-holidaygift

    Italian-inspired baskets is one great holiday gift basket options as Christmas gifts

  2. i really like Fresh Flowers because they are very beautiful ,.*

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    i love the smell of fresh flowers, they can really make my day so beautiful*-.

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    i kind of like the smell of fresh flowers specially those fragrance ones .

  5. These are all good ideas. I like the book idea with the gift receipt; there are things for everyone at a big book store. I also really like the idea of giving a nice bottle of wine (just make sure they drink first!). Look up some info on the bottle before you give it so you have some fun facts to spill about it. “This was a very good year” is a good thing to say, if you know it’s true. You could look up a wine blog and get some ideas from there.

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