It’s Never Too Late for Holiday Cookies

It’s Never Too Late for Holiday Cookies
It’s Never Too Late for Holiday Cookies

For many years I tried to balance all of the holiday preparations in order to make everything perfect for the big day, only to find myself completely exhausted, stressed to the max, and of course always falling just short of my goals. Since my mother has always had everything perfectly put together by Christmas morning, I felt like I must be doing something wrong. I tried putting in more hours, being more focused, and even enlisting the help of my teenagers, but nothing seemed to work. So the other day while I was enjoying a warm cup of coffee and some scrumptious holiday cookies with Mom, I decided to ask her for her secret. I just about fell out of my chair when I realized how she has managed to make the holiday season perfect each and every year.

Those mouthwatering chocolate dipped cookies I was munching on? She BOUGHT them! I absolutely could not believe what I was hearing. All of these years I had thought that the beautifully decorated gourmet treats that she had sent to neighbors, friends and family members, and even my dad’s boss right after Christmas were homemade creations. I had tried in desperation to duplicate them. I had spent countless hours trying to figure out how she had found the time to make such wonderful holiday goodies. I had thought that I was doing something wrong!

Holiday Cookies

Christmas Chocolate Covered Oreo® CookiesIt was then that Mom told me that a long time ago, she too had been faced with the same dilemma that I was facing. She always wanted to give holiday gifts to help welcome the New Year, but cold simply never find the time. For a short while, she purchased holiday treats from the local bakery or the grocery store and sent them to friends and family members, but she could never depend on the quality, the variety, or the freshness, and the expense of having to mail them herself was just too much. Then she discovered the wonderful hand dipped gourmet treats offered by Shari’s Berries, and everything changed. These days, Mom orders a variety of magnificently decorated treats throughout the holiday season, and has them delivered just in time to welcome the New Year.

If you are searching for something special to offer your friends, family members and business associates to help them welcome 2015, these Christmas Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies are just what you need. The gift includes an assortment of 12 chocolate covered Oreo cookies, decorated beautifully with holiday themed characters and designs, delivered fresh to your loved one’s home or office for just $29.99. If you want, you can even add twice the cookies for just a few dollars more, making them the perfect solution for family get togethers or office parties. These cookies are the perfect match for that bottle of champagne as your loved ones welcome the New Year!

How do you plan to celebrate the arrival of 2015?

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