There’s Still Time to Find Great Office Gifts for Women

There’s Still Time to Find Great Office Gifts for Women
There’s Still Time to Find Great Office Gifts for Women

My best friend came to me a few days ago with the most horrified look on her face, and all that I could think of was that something truly dreadful must have happened. I quickly poured her a mug of hot cocoa, shoved her into a kitchen chair, slammed the plate of Christmas cookies down in front of her, and impatiently begged her to tell me what was wrong. As she explained the reason for her upset with tears in her eyes, however, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. She had forgotten to buy gifts for the ladies at work!

In shock over my reaction, my friend tried to emphasize the importance of buying gifts for her coworkers- I honestly think that she had the notion that all of the office gifts for women had somehow fallen off of the face of the earth the minute Christmas Day had passed. I tried to contain my laughter, and somehow I found the patience to calmly explain to her that all was definitely not lost, and there was still plenty of time to offer great office gifts to the women in her office.

Great Office Gifts for Women

We got my laptop out, and of course I went directly to because I knew without a doubt that we would find an abundance of ideas for office gifts for women without having to search anywhere else. Within just a few minutes, we were well on our way to completing her last minute shopping adventure, and she couldn’t believe the wonderful gifts that we had found.

If you are still searching for great office gifts for women you work with, grab a mug of cocoa and I’ll show you what we found.

  • Gift of the Month Club gifts are an excellent choice when it comes to office gifts for the women in your workplace. Not only is there a wide variety of products to choose from, but a new selection of the month can be delivered right to the recipient’s home or office as often as you choose, for the duration that you choose.
  • Experience_giftHave you thought about Experience Gift Certificates for the women in your office this year? With prices starting as low as $50 they are definitely affordable, and you can choose things like a day at the spa, a dinner cruise, or even a guided city tour.
  • Personalized coffee mugs are a wonderfully inexpensive solution if you are on a budget, and you can even make them into unique gift baskets when you fill them with things like office supplies, candy and cookies, or gourmet beverage mixes.
  • GIANTmicrobes® Brain CellConsider a GIANTmicrobes stuffed plushie for that office woman with a sense of humor! These gifts are absolutely adorable, and with things like The Common Cold, E.coli, and even a Brain Cell, you are certain to get lots of laughs as she opens her gift.

Do you prefer receiving conventional types of gifts from your coworkers, or would you rather receive something completely off the wall? What is the most unique gift you have received at the office?

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