Great Gadgets to Give As Holiday Gifts

Great Gadgets to Give As Holiday Gifts
Great Gadgets to Give As Holiday Gifts

Technology saves time and money, which is the key to understanding the geek on your Christmas gifts list.

With that in mind, some gadgets got on our radar this week that will not only save time, but are useful enough to make someone’s life a lot easier.

Fashionable Gadgets

For the smartphone user, (and who doesn’t have a smart phone these days?)  consider Touch Screen Gloves.  Not only do these gloves keep the wearers hands warm, but allows the wearer to use the touchscreen while wearing the gloves; typically not accessible with ‘normal’ gloves.

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Compact Gadgets

Gadgets often come in a compact fashion.  Here are some compact gift ideas for the home that made the top 10 home gadgets list:

  • One Touch Battery Can Opener
  •  Desk Gadget Organizer
  •  Shower Radio
  • Battery Operated Votive Candles

Gadgets for Comfort

In addition to saving time, gadgets are useful in making one feel better.  Who wouldn’t want to come home, sit in their favorite chair and have their back and legs massaged with a simple flip of a switch?  A smaller gadget for the massage enthusiasts, known as the Da Vinci tool is a red hard rubber gadget.  This gadget is designed to relieve headaches in no time.

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Another cool gadget for comfort is one that will also help prevent a person from falling on the ice, and that is ice traction slip-ons.  These rubber traction devices affix easily to any shoe and really are a lifesaver.

Functional Gadgets

Gadgets, especially electronic gadgets, don’t mind doing the dirty work.   There are cool gadgets for gardener, including a gadget that will tell you when the plants need watering.  Even the desk jockey will enjoy the benefit of gadgets like a simple cord holder for the laptop.  There are gadgets for everyone from the quilter to the electronics geek.

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What are some of your favorite gadgets that you can’t live without?


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  1. If any of my friends or family are reading this right now, this is the category of gifts I really like: stuff I can use; stuff I can do other stuff with (hint, hint…)

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