Give The Man In Your Life An Experience

Give The Man In Your Life An Experience
Give The Man In Your Life An Experience

Looking for a unique, creative gift for the men in your life this holiday season? Often times Christmas shopping for men is a dreaded part of the holiday season—especially shopping for dads and grandpas. This year, however, give Dad and Grandpa a fishing or kayaking trip over another “snazzy” button up shirt. In other words, create a memory and gift an experience instead of a material item.

Cloud 9 Living offers an array of experience gifts for all ages and personality types. From the outdoor enthusiast husband to the adventurer brother to the dad who needs relaxation time, there is an experience gift waiting on everyone on your Christmas shopping list.

Perhaps one of the guys in your life is in need of downtime? How thrilled he will be with gifts like fishing trips, food tours, and personal gourmet chefs who come to the recipient’s home. These and more will give the gift of relaxation.

For the nature buff, Cloud 9 Living is overflowing with creative outdoor activities. Think about how big your outdoor enthusiast’s smile will be when he gets the gift of kayaking, rafting or spelunking (isn’t that a fun word!?).

For the adventurer in your life, there are sky diving and zip lining adventures waiting in every city. And for something he’ll remember forever, take a look at the fighter pilot and stock car driver adventures.

If you are shopping for your significant other, you might want to consider giving him a gift that you can do together. Perhaps something romantic like a dinner cruise for two would do the trick. If an adventure is more your style, consider a day of hang gliding or heli skiing. And don’t worry, he won’t feel gipped that you are also giving yourself a gift too.

A convenience that experience gifts provides the shopper is that you can cross multiple people off of your list with one purchase. Dads are often hard to shop for and sometimes shopping for Mom can be a little finicky too. With gifts like hot air balloon rides, a variety of city tours and in home gourmet chefs, one gift takes care of both parents. Experience gifts are also great to give a father and son team as Cloud 9 has many options like a fishing trip, kayaking adventure or a city beer tour that they can do together.

Maybe there are skill sets you’ve heard the males in your life talking about wanting to pick up. Think about giving a class as a gift. Classes taught by top professionals include golf lessons, creative cooking classes, DJ lessons and more.

So, this holiday season try giving the gift of adventure, relaxation or togetherness. Give an experience that creates photos, memories, and warm and fuzzy moments that last a lifetime!

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  1. Hot air ballooning is so much fun! It would be such a good gift!

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