Give Dad An Experience For Father’s Day

Give Dad An Experience For Father’s Day
Give Dad An Experience For Father’s Day

Having trouble deciding on that perfect gift to give dad on Father’s Day? Something unique; something he won’t forget? Maybe you should start thinking about a unique gift that doesn’t come in a wrapper – something like an experience.

stock car racing

You can give dad an experience he won’t forget with any of’s experience gifts. Here are some of the experiences they offer, among hundreds of others:

  • Race car driving
  • Drive a stock car
  • Stock car ride-along
  • Exotic car experiences
  • Fighter pilot for a day
  • Learn to fly
  • Plane rides
  • Hang Gliding & Para-gliding
  • Kayak & Paddling Experiences
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Dinner and lunch cruises
  • Scenic cruises
  • Helicopter tours
  • Guided city tours
  • Golf lessons
  • Sailing experiences
  • Indoor skydiving
  • Guided fly fishing
  • Hot air balloon rides

There’s so many more, too. You’ll find dozens of experiences in each of these categories:

  • Action and adventure
  • Spa packages
  • Life & Culture
  • Driving
  • Flying
  • Food and wine
  • Water and snow
  • Sports
  • Golf

A person can spend hours browsing through all the experience gifts, but the site also makes it easy to find just what you’re looking for.

For example, if you know your dad isn’t an adventurous person but loves gourmet food, present him with a personal gourmet chef for an evening. in the comfort of his own home.

When you find an experience you want to purchase, the gift can be open ended, meaning that a date does not have to be booked. And, if the experience is not what your dad wants, it can be exchanged for another experience.

From what we can see, there’s an experience for every taste and every budget. The recipient gets a Blue Gift Box, and they have printable gift certificates, as well.

If you could pick out one experience for yourself, what would it be? Let us know!

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