Gift Clubs from Christmas

Gift Clubs from Christmas

Gift clubs, anyone ever heard of them? Christmas just taught me about them. I’ve been an avid Christmas gift shopper for years, but I’d never heard of gift clubs. Don’t go thinking I’m not familiar with the usual parlance of Christmas gift shopping: I know all about personalized gifts and unique gifts and where to find them, I even know all about last minute gifts (unfortunately), but gift clubs was a new one.

So it turns out that there are online gift stores that specialize in gift clubs which are an ingenious little invention. Let’s say you’re searching for Christmas gifts for that special someone, right? But you don’t want to get them just one gift, you want to get them a collection of things, like a cheese basket, or a selection of movies they’d like. But don’t you feel kind of strange giving and receiving Christmas gifts in a big basket like that? You feel like you HAVE to use it right away, or that it’s so much that you’ll NEVER get around to using it? That’s where Christmas comes in with its gift clubs.

How’s this for a personalized gift? You basically buy a subscription to a gift club and throughout a period of time, usually monthly, the gift club sends unique gifts to the recipient. Gift clubs come in all shapes and sizes. There are some that are specialized towards cheese & chocolate lovers, while others focus on movies & traveling photos. If you’re looking for a personalized gift that shows that you put the thought and time necessary into finding a unique gift for someone, gift clubs are how you want to go.

I never would have found out about gift clubs if it hadn’t been for Christmas, so I’m really glad I checked that out. I’ve always used Christmas for unique gifts, and now gift clubs offers me a totally new way to find personalized gifts for everyone I need to shop for!

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