Geekiest or High Tech Christmas Gift Contest

Geekiest or High Tech Christmas Gift Contest
Geekiest or High Tech Christmas Gift Contest

Contest Time!!! Let’s Win a Prize!

Hello, Contest FANS!

To participate in this contest tell us “what is the Geekiest, or most High Tech Christmas Gift you wish for, or recommend”?

Please respond here on our Blog:

or on our Facebook page:

Our Geeky Prizes are presented by Winner gets both gifts below:

Prize Tooks BluetoothTooks Stereo Bluetooth Adapter w/Microphone – $29.99 Prize Beanie CapTooks Portec Skully – $29.99


Here are the rules for the contest:


1. All entrants must have a valid e-mail address.

2. Contest runs from Oct 17, 2013 to Oct 31, 2013.

3. Contest open to US Residents only

4. Any duplicate comments will be disqualified.

Best of Luck!!!


Recent Comments

  1. I would love of the new laptop computers that apple is coming out with.

  2. Outdoor – roof mount camera/monitor for the home. 🙂

  3. The Geekiest, or most High Tech Christmas Gift I wish for is a LED Big Screen TV and a Projector.

  4. I want to play around with “Tec Tiles” Near Field Communication “stickers” that you paste or lay in an area you frequent, and would want your phone to do a specific action. Such as- a tile next to my bed- turns on my morning wake up alarm, or- pasted on the refrigerator so that when you child gets home from school their phone automatically text’s you of their arrival home. It seems the possibilities are endless! 🙂

  5. I wish for a high tech laptop computer. Mine is slow so it takes so long to do anything. I would love to have a new fast, high tech laptop.

  6. Probably a book light that can travel. those really do come in handy!

  7. I want a kindle!!

  8. The geekiest gift I want is the Nest Protect.

  9. I would like for my geekiest present to be a Ipad 🙂

  10. kemberley crosswhite

    i would LOVE a smart tv !!!

  11. I want to get an xbox live subscription. Im not up on the high tech but I know my teen son would love the Tooks portec skully. Thanks for the idea, I will be the best mom ever this Christmas.

  12. Mary Beth Elderton

    I’m wishing for one of those Roomba vacuums.yeah…it’s house cleaning…but it’s a robot! Sort of.

    • Congratulations!!!

      You are the WINNER of our “Geekiest or High Tech Christmas Gift Contest.”

      Please email us your email address so we can arrange sending you the Prize. You have 1 week to respond please. Cheers! Susan

  13. I want an Ipad.

  14. I would love a Epic – Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

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