Experience Gifts, A New Trend In Gift Giving

Experience Gifts, A New Trend In Gift Giving

How giving experience gifts can create memories that last a lifetime.

While the tangible gift—gift baskets, clothing, books—will never go out of style, the 2012 Christmas season has a new player in town; experience gifts. Experience gifts can be big like a hot air balloon ride to cross off your bucket list or learning to fly a helicopter, or small like a picnic in the park together or tickets to a baseball game. But one thing’s for sure, there is a perfect experience gift for everyone of every age, and for every budget.

While experiences can be for anyone, they is always a winner as a gift for the hard-to –shop-for—aka, men. We bet that men are usually the last people to be crossed off your “to-buy-for” list, and most likely you ended up grabbing a lousy tie, sweater or bottle of cologne. He was happy with it and might even use it, but this year you can really wow him with an experience that will create a lifelong memory. Hasn’t he always wanted to sample beers at a brewery, go with you to a football game, be a fighter pilot for a day, drive a Ferrari and more? The options are endless. Not convinced yet? See the video below or here that sums up some of the experience gift ideas for men.

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  1. This is hilarious, I love the alarm clock. I know several Dad’s who are big movie fans. Instead of handing him a DVD with a card, I like to make it a whole experience. Purchase one (or all of) The Godfather’s, give him a gift certificate to his favorite Italian restaurant and a package of good quality cigars. & there you have it, an easy Mafia movie weekend !

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