– Remember it this Holiday Season! – Remember it this Holiday Season!

I went to the mall the other week in search of a party dress. About ten minutes into my trip, I was reminded of why I severely dislike shopping malls. First, when I am on a mission to find a certain product, I don’t actually appreciate being stopped several times by the people at the carts. When I say, “No, thanks,” that typically means, “Please don’t bother me further,” not, “Sure! I’d love for you to keep pushing your product on me!” I’m tired of sales people asking, “What can I help you with today?” when you know they really mean, “What can I not help you with today, because I really don’t know anything about what I am selling and won’t be able to help you find what you are looking for?” When you are looking for one thing, you have to go from store to store to store to find it, and it takes time. I was probably at the mall for a good two hours and did I find a dress? Nope. I started thinking about what I was going to do when I had to start my Christmas shopping.

And then I remembered and a wave of relief washed over me. I know I don’t ever again have to endure the frustrations of the dreaded shopping mall, because I can do all the Christmas shopping I want from my computer, sitting on my bed, while watching my favorite movie.

The Christmas gift idea database at is unsurpassed by any other shopping search engine out there. All the Christmas gifts and awesome gift ideas are all right there in one place! Christmas Collectibles, Christmas Gift Certificates, Christmas Books, Christmas Food… literally, you can find a Christmas gift for everyone on your Christmas list at! No more annoying mall trips! Even if you are in search of a last minute Christmas gift, this dictionary of Christmas gifts will help you find it! Take a look at and see for yourself just how easy… and fun… Christmas shopping can be!

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