Christmas Lights Clear or Colored?

Christmas Lights Clear or Colored?

When it comes to holiday lighting, where do you start? Most of us have collections of tangled lights sitting in boxes. We are lucky if we can even find them at Christmas time, let alone detangle them. If you’re starting fresh this year and wondering how to go about it, here are some guidelines. Holiday lighting doesn’t have to be difficult and can even be fun.

Today’s LED lights are magical. They are long-lasting and don’t get hot. And there’s no frustration should one bulb go out. The whole string will still stay on. Many companies now offer LED lights with battery options for wreaths and garlands where a plug may not be nearby. The choices are vast and the products are well-made. A LED lit wreath would make a great holiday gift idea too.

First, decide if you want clear or colored lights. This is your only big decision. Whichever you choose, there are benefits to each.

Clear Lights

When you choose clear lights, you’re setting a tone for elegance, simplicity, and understated style. You can find clear lights in every size from tiny globe lights to bigger outdoor bulbs. Clear lights are nice if you are going to light larger spaces. They do not overpower the room. They work well with silvers, greens, blues, and reds. Just about any color can be paired with clear lights, but a more selective design palate works best. If you are going for a candlelit mood, clear lights can help set the tone. Use them both inside and out for the full effect. Drape them on banisters and on mantels for a charming, old world feel. Clear lights pair well with candles as they complement the actual flame of the candle. They’re also fun to use with battery-operated flameless candles.

Colored Lights

If you are a colored light fan, you’ve got so many options at your fingertips. You can go for a multi-colored strand that blinks or stays stationary. Or you can choose a strand in all red, all green, or all blue. There are many different options with size as well. Smaller bulbs are perfect for tabletop Christmas trees and larger bulbs in the shape of candles are available for your main Christmas tree. The main benefit of colored lighting is that it sets the mood and anchors your color palate. If you choose red lights, you can accent with a red velvet table runner, red ornaments, and red bows. The lights will add a cohesive feel to the entire room. You can even set the tone by lining your walkway leading to your front door with red lights. Add red lights to the wreath on your front door. If you go with a multi-colored strand, it makes a festive scene that children marvel at. You can do your entire tree in multi-colored bulbs and then accent with homemade ornaments that tend to have many colors in them. They’ll also complement the packages under the tree as wrapping papers come in patterns and colors of every type.

Once you’ve chosen your lighting color, you can add strands of light to every room in the house. Wrap lights around mirrors and door frames. Windows look graceful decked in lights as do staircases and even bookcases. Don’t be shy with your lighting. The more you add, the more holiday cheer you will bring.

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