Christmas Gifts for Dad from Daughter that are Certain to Make History

Christmas Gifts for Dad from Daughter that are Certain to Make History
Christmas Gifts for Dad from Daughter that are Certain to Make History

Christmas gifts for Dad from daughter have been a part of Christmas since the dawn of time. One of the main reasons that we celebrate the holiday season by giving gifts to those we love is to remind us of the wonderful gifts of Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh that were brought to the baby Jesus upon His birth. Christmas itself, in fact, is truly about a magnificent gift that was presented to all of us more than 2,000 years ago: the Baby Jesus Himself. Just as God brought that heavenly being onto the earth, he helped your dad bring you into the lives of others. What better gift is there, after all, than life?

This holiday season, forget about those discount stores with the buy one get one free sales- you only have one dad after all. Forget about those “one of a kind” stores on every corner downtown- they don’t know your dad like you do, and if they are on every corner they are not exactly one of a kind anyhow. Especially forget about those generic gift boxes at the local department stores- they are about as personal as that guy that delivers your bottled water each week.

The Rare Beer Club Two BottlesInstead, as you choose Christmas gifts for Dad from daughter this year, take a few moments to close your eyes so that you can see more clearly. Remember those cool fall days when Dad would help you rake the leaves into a massive pile perfect for jumping into. Remember Dad picking you that beautiful bouquet of flowers in the spring right after the first blooms came up? Remember Dad making you change right before that first big date because your shirt was too revealing?! Your skirt was too short? Everything was just simply amiss??

Those are the inspiring memories that make the most wonderful ideas for Christmas gifts for dad from daughter. And when it comes to choosing the best gifts for Dad, these remarkable memories help you choose the ones that count. As you select memorable Christmas gifts for Dad this holiday season, please take a few moments to remember why. Go through some old photo albums. Take a moment to remember the reason for the season, cherish your fondest memories with Dad, and let’s make history with the best Christmas gifts for Dad from daughter in 2015.

Here Are a Few of Our Favorite Christmas Gifts for Dad from Daughter This Year

  • What about a gorgeous personalized pocket watch like this one to remind him of the time you spent together?
  • Consider a monthly gift club and let him know you appreciate him all year long.
  • Present him with a handsome jar of notes that he can open and feel close to you anytime he wants.
  • Find your favorite photo of you and Dad and place it inside a personalized photo frame like this one to bring back heartwarming memories.

What wonderful memories do you have of your dad?

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  1. Gift your dad without any reason.Make your gift unique and surprise.Parents are the real gifts given by God.
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