2013 Christmas Clip Art

2013 Christmas Clip Art
2013 Christmas Clip Art

Free Christmas Clip Art from Christmasgifts.com

Since the beginning, clip art has really taken off. Clip art is a very popular illustrative tool in the electronic and print mediums. However, clip art first began as a print format before computers even existed. When printing presses evolved into the mass production tools very similar to what many large newspapers still use today, so did the graphics that were associated with the print publications. Instead of having to copy one picture at a time, pictures could be clipped and pasted on the plates of the printing press. As part of a paste up, it would then be made into a copy.

Christmas Holly Modern
© Christmasgifts.com.

With the creation of the personal computer, clipart has become more readily available. This year, our website will be featuring exclusive Christmas clipart that can’t be found anywhere else. Created by our artist Christopher, this specially created Christmas clip art can be used for a variety of occasions.

 Our 2013 Clip Art Collection

We are featuring two new clip art collections for 2013. One is our modern clipart collection.

Modern Elf
© Christmasgifts.com.

Here, you will see more three-dimensional works where the clip art comes to life.  It includes different variations of bells, candy canes, gift boxes, bows, holly, lights, candles, toys, stockings, snowmen, words and phrases. It has countless other clip arts for Christmas too. Examples of our modern clip art are included throughout this post.

Our other style of Christmas clip art is our vintage collection which has a unique look that reminds one of times gone by. It has an era of nostalgia that remind people of the magic of the holiday.  Our vintage artistic pieces feature angels, birds, sleighs, cars, Christmas scenes and holly and flowers. Additionally, the collection features borders and dividers to give a more festive look to your graphic creations.

Last but not least, our classic Christmas clip art collection from 2012 is still available for download. It continues to be very popular with our readers here.

Christmas clip art is perfect for kids to create Christmas art works. There are some who love to use it to make home made Christmas cards and invitations. They make stylish gift tags for your Christmas gifts.

School teachers can use these as much as they want for various art projects. These also come in handy for advent and holiday calendars.  Many non-profit organizations find it useful for their newsletters and flyers. Bookmark this page for your reference.  The opportunities for project ideas are endless.

We’d like for you to let us know what type of clip arts you want most, by adding your comments below.  In addition,  please tell us how you used it. We will be writing a future blog post that showcases our readers projects before Christmastime arrives as well.

© All Christmas clip art on this website is copyrighted and are property of ChristmasGifts.com. However, it is allowed for personal use as long as they are not redistributed for commercial purposes. Violators will be pursued per copyright laws. Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to ChristmasGifts.com and a clickable link back to this page.

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  1. I can’t believe how close we’re getting to Christmas!! Aaaaccckkk!

    This is a really great resource and I’ve bookmarked. Thank you!

    • North Pole Gazette Editor

      Hi Kimberly. Thanks so much for your comment. Yeah, it’s hard to believe that Christmas is less than 4 months away. It will be here really quickly.

  2. Great clip art. Im bookmakering it for christmas

  3. This will be great to have during the holiday season. I will tuck it away on my secret pinterest board for a while. 🙂

    • Glad you like them Rhonda, we will keep adding to the stock of our Christmas Clip Arts! OUr artists are great! May the Christmas spirit and joy be with you all year!!!

  4. Christmas…so soon??? yikes…will have to give these clip art pics a glance..it’ll be here before you know it!

    • I know right?! We are preparing for Christmas already! Would love your feedback as to what type of Clip Arts your kids would enjoy most! And our Artists will create them. Cheers!

  5. Definitely bookmarking this. Very helpful for Christmas labels, newsletters, cards, and many other things. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Corinne! Please let us know what type of Christmas Clip Arts you enjoy most…and I will have our Artists create them. Would love your feedback. Hope everyday has Christmas joy for you! Cheers!

  6. They look fun! I can’t believe we are getting so close to Christmas!

    • We love Christmas Amberlee….we love the special joy and kindness people have for each other! Please spread the word especially with teachers…I think kids would love these. 🙂

  7. Thanks! I was just looking for christmas clip art to make my gift guide

  8. That elf is cute!! I am already getting in the Christmas spirit!

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