The 3 Biggest and Best New Year’s Parties

The 3 Biggest and Best New Year’s Parties
The 3 Biggest and Best New Year’s Parties

Another year has ended, and now we get to celebrate a new one! Whether you are planning a simple night at home with a New Year’s kiss from your husband or wife, or you plan on partying for hours into the night and celebrating with hundreds of people, don’t forget to make this New Year’s Eve a special one. Check out how these cities celebrate, and how the biggest and best parties in the country ring in the New Year!

New Year’s in New York

New Year's in New York
Perhaps the most famous celebration of the New Year is that of New York, and it takes place in Times Square. The famous “Ball Drop” ceremony includes hours of celebrity appearances, musical entertainment, crowd interaction, and much more. It is also televised, so for this celebration, you can snuggle up with your husband or wife with some cheese and crackers and a warm blanket, and you’re all set to watch the New Year’s celebration on TV! You can read about how, where, and when to watch the party here.

New Year’s in New Orleans

New Year's in New Orleans
Overshadowed by the Times Square celebration, New Orleans also has quite the party for New Year’s, because this city definitely knows how to party. With fireworks, family friendly games, music, parades, and tailgating, this city has fun for everyone of all ages. For more information and details on specific events, you can read about the city’s schedule of events here.

New Year’s in Honolulu

New Year's in Honolulu
One city that really knows how to celebrate New Year’s is Honolulu, although you probably have never heard of their December 31st parties. With incredible food, drinks, and fireworks, Honolulu takes a Hawaii vacation experience to the next level for New Year’s. You can read about the mouth watering food and exciting events here.

Although it is a time for celebration and fun, remember to stay safe, drink responsibly, and make this year memorable. From all of us at, we want to wish you a Happy New Year!

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