Ethical Christmas Gifts Remind You of The Reason for the Season

Ethical Christmas Gifts Remind You of The Reason for the Season
Ethical Christmas Gifts Remind You of The Reason for the Season

When we think of giving Christmas gifts, we often think of glamorous items for people that already have the things they need. But what about those people who don’t have essentials? Those people who don’t have heat or water or enough food? Today, let’s talk about ethical Christmas gifts. The gifts that truly matter. Let’s talk about bringing the magic of Christmas into homes that really need it. Do YOU have it in you to make a difference this year?

Ethical Christmas Gifts Make a Difference

If you truly want to make a difference this season, send a lifeline to families who are trying to improve their lives this year. Those generic Christmas gifts from that discount store might be easy, but they are simply generic. They are material items that just won’t do. Lets check out some ethical Christmas gifts instead.

  • Let’s talk heat. As you sit in your warm home it isn’t easy to imagine the people who have no heat this year. Can you help them pay a heating bill? Maybe contribute to the cost of a new furnace or heating device? Just a few dollars can make a difference. It means so much more than a $20 gift card.


  • Do you have blankets that you are not using? Can you afford to buy a few? Why not take a couple of blankets down to your local homeless shelter this holiday season? Or buy a personalized blanket for someone special and add some warmth to their life!

Custom Photo Collage Blanket

  • When we have enough food, we often forget that others may not. Take those extra cans of soup and veggies down to the local food bank. Send a Christmas gift basket with fresh fruit or chocolates. Consider a monthly gift club and help out all year long!


  • Warm clothing is essential during the cold winter months. If you don’t have extra clothing that is outgrown or not your style, consider picking something up and donating it to a local shelter or deliver a box to that struggling family down the street.


We Can All Make a Difference

Ethical Christmas gifts are those that mean the most. Who can you help this Christmas?

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