Moodycard Spiral Animal Greeting Card Booklet

Moodycard Spiral Animal Greeting Card Booklet

Send your friends and family the gift of sweet messages on these adorable and stunning animal photos, all one booklet that’s perfect for a desk!

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Moodycard Spiral Animal Greeting Card Booklet



This holiday season give the gift of loving and sweet messages to your friends and family. These tabletop message booklets of full of inspirational and appreciative sayings feature beautiful and stunning photographs of animal wildlife that anyone is sure to love! With over twenty images and sayings, anyone you give this Moodycare Spiral Greeting Card Booklet to will definitely feel cared about!

Perfect for kids to keep on their bookshelf or bedside tables, or adult friends and family to keep on their desk at work, these breathtaking animal photographs and messages will motivate them and put a smile on their faces. They also make great Christmas gifts for elderly family members, especially for those in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. The booklets are easy to set atop a bedside table or dresser, and the spiral design allows the pages to be turned easily. The text is also in a large, bold print so that it is easy to read, and the letters are outlined in white to ensure that the sayings stand out enough from the images and are legible, even to elderly eyes. These booklets are perfect for anyone that could use a few uplifting images and sweet messages! Order your Moodycare Spiral Animal Greeting Card Booklet by Moodycard for your loved ones today!


Full of Sweet, Loving, and Inspirational Messages, Features of the Moodycare Spiral Animal Greeting Card Booklet Include:

  • Over twenty different photographs of animals
  • Over twenty different heartfelt messages
  • Easy-to-flip spiral design for effortless page turning
  • Large, bold, outline type
  • Filled with various sweet, humorous, and uplifting sayings
  • Special offer on multiple orders
  • Perfect size for a desktop, bedside table, or bookshelf
  • 4.7 x 4.7 inches, and 2 inches thick
  • Available on Amazon Prime

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