Private Ninja Lesson in New York

Private Ninja Lesson in New York

Give a gift that will keep on giving. Learn the secrets of ancient martial arts with one of New York’s oldest Bujinkan schools.

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Private Ninja Lesson in New York



Grab the chance of learning the secret of the mysterious ninja warrior and ancient martial arts techniques by purchasing our impressive Private Ninja Lesson in New York. Since the 1980’s, this is one of the oldest Bujinkan schools, affiliated with Bujikan Hombu Dojo in Japan.

The assigned instructor was awarded the title of hidoshi, “teacher of the warrior ways” and surely you will learn a lot from this person. In addition to that you can also learn the philosophy and history of this 900 year old martial art by practicing their self-defense, heightened combat strategy method and awareness. These legendary combat methods teach effective self protection using control of distance, subtle angling, and elusive timing. For example, how to avoid the sword assault is a topic taught in this class and you will have an opportunity to use weapons in this class on a case to case scenario.

After this session you’ll surely understand the power and mystery that surrounds this 900 year old martial art.

Essential information:

  • There will be no experience required.
  • Participants must be 18 years old or 16 with a parent present
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Maximum Participants: It’s a private instruction for up to 4 participants in a group
  • Spectators: This is only for those taking lessons
  • What to wear: wear comfortable clothing: long sleeved shirt and relaxed pants that freely allow you to kick or move

Add Private Ninja Lesson in New York to your Christmas shopping list this year to learn a lot of useful martial arts techniques.

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