Fighter Pilot for a Day

Fighter Pilot for a Day

by Cloud9 living

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Fighter Pilot for a Day



Do you know a guy who’s gunnin’ to take to the skies for some friendly competition? Let him unwrap the most unbelievable Christmas gift of his life – the chance to claim a Topgun title as a Fighter Pilot For A Day!

With this hands-on air-venture, the participant is in control, making a fighter pilot experience one of the most exhilarating of adrenaline rushes! And not only does it come chock-full with G-force, dogfights, and laser “ammo” —  it also allows for breathtaking views of the great, beautiful expanse below, from all sorts of angles!

Participants get nothing short of feeling like Maverick on their big day. Upon arrival and registration, a detailed orientation is provided, covering anything and everything pertaining to safety protocol, jet maintenance, aerial maneuvers, offense and defensive skills required for successful dogfights, trigger functions, and much more! Following this instructional phase, participants are outfitted in their piloting gear and prepare for take-off!

And rest assured, certified pilots (often former military pilots themselves) are along for the ride with participants the entire time — offering consistent coaching, encouragement, safety support, and a few good laughs.

After an hour of heart-pounding, invigorating air time, the jet is grounded and the air session is reviewed with the instructors and ‘opponents.’ This review focuses on hits, strategies utilized, strike tactics, and much more! At last, it’s time to find out if your Christmas gift-getting guy is a true Topgun! And marvel at all of the incredible memories made in the air up there; memories that will last a lifetime.

So make a lucky lad’s holiday season all the more merry this year with an unforgettable Fighter Pilot For A Day gift!

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