Stock Car Ride Along

Stock Car Ride Along

A dream come true as you ride shotgun in a real stock car.

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Stock Car Ride Along



“Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh?” Not bad. But why not try a 600-horsepower, high-performance, rubber-burnin’ stock car on a professional race track?! Now that’s a fun ride!

Cloud 9 Living’s stock car ride along experience is available on select tracks nationwide. Sitting shotgun in the vehicle with an expert driver gripping the wheel, ready to roar the engine to life, riders are in the perfect position to enjoy the heart-pounding thrill of professional racing!

Buckle up inside real, steel roll-bar stock cars – the very same vehicles that have circulated among the likes of many NASCAR and professional driving greats! Hold on tight as the professional driver pushes the car to bolt around the track’s bends at top speeds – fiercely treading across the very same asphalt challenged by the pros in today’s racing circuits! Feel the rush of a lifetime along the straight-aways, allowing for the car’s full potential to be unleashed as it thunders down the track – completely uninhibited.

Want even more highlights? There are plenty that are not to be missed! The driving gear, the photo ops , the sizzling smell of rubber and asphalt, the enthusiastic spectators, the hype and cheering, the vendors, the buzz of activity along pit road, the revving of engines…. The complete stock car racing atmosphere!

How’s that for something to set under the tree this year?

So save that sleigh ride for another day. Shift gift-giving into a higher, more adrenaline-pumping gear this year with a stock car ride along! Your lucky recipient will be decking the halls with memories of the big day at the track for years to come!

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