Christmas Dog Treats

Christmas Dog Treats
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Share some Christmas cheer with your puppies and dogs, and give them their very own doggie-safe version of a Christmas cookie!

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Christmas Dog Treats



Don’t forget about your dogs this Christmas! Let them in on the holiday fun and give them their very own version of Christmas cookies! When they’re begging for your sugar cookies and snickerdoodles from your holiday cookie swap, now you’ll have a canine friendly cookie to give them! Cookies made for humans are full of flour, sugar, and fats that are not good or safe for dogs, but these cookies are made specifically for them. Wrap them up and put them under the tree for your pup to open on Christmas morning!

With a tub of fifty doggie Christmas cookies, you can spoil your puppies this year and spread some holiday cheer! The cookies are gourmet, freshly baked, and made of all natural and human grade ingredients, perfect for all doggies of all sizes and breeds. We all know someone that is obsessed with their own dogs, and this would be the perfect Christmas gift for them. Have them shipped to their door, hand deliver them, or bring them to a holiday party. Just be sure to mark them and say they are meant for the dogs! These cookies are baked fresh from Claudia Canine’s Bakery in Maumelle, Arkansas. Order these Christmas Dog Treats from Miles Kimball today!

Enabling You to Bring Some Christmas Spirit to Your Canine Friends, Features of the Christmas Dog Treats Gift Include:

  • Includes 50 gourmet dog Christmas cookies
  • All natural
  • Made of human grade ingredients
  • 11 oz. container
  • Freshly baked
  • Made in the United States
  • Produced by Claudia Canine’s Bakery

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