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Buddhism – Book

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Buddhism – Book



Buddhism: A Concise Introduction is a compilation of the information that encompasses a variety of beliefs, practices, and traditions of Buddhism. It was largely based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, commonly known as Buddha which means “the awakened one”.

Buddha was recognized by the Buddhist as an awakened and enlightened provider as well as a teacher who shared his insights and ways to help the sufferings of the sentient beings. The religion concentrates on sharing common thread of peace, kindness, caring for others, and most especially love.

This informative literary masterpiece is a unique gift that you can offer loved ones this holiday season. Share the insights and good thoughts of Gautama as you travel through the traditions and history of Buddhism, retracing the steps of the religion as it migrates west to America.

Order your copy of Buddhism: A Concise Introduction today, and begin your journey through the history of Buddhism.

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