Felt Pencil Case

Felt Pencil Case
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A beautiful 3 mm natural gray felt case to celebrate the creative in your life. Pair this with an adult coloring book to make a complete gift!

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Felt Pencil Case



Have a creative type in your life? Celebrate their unique talents with a beautiful and functional gift that will protect their tools, paint brushes, pens and pencils wherever they go. This felt case has the timeless beauty of felt with a smart roll up design that makes it easy to carry. Pens, pencils, brushes, and other tools can be inserted securely into its 12 slots. The case features a red elastic string and button for secure fastening.

Made from natural wool, our felt pencil case provides superior cushioning for fragile materials with 3mm thick felt. Felt is made through a process where heat, moisture, and pressing are applied to natural fibers or a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. This causes the naturally curly fibers to interlock and form a dense, resilient textile. The result is an incredibly durable fabric with a soft tactile feel.

Not only is felt an environmentally sustainable material, but it’s also naturally water-resistant and durable. In fact, felt will retain its shape over decades and will neither fray nor wear easily. It’s a stylish yet practical tool for artists on the go.


Felt Pencil Case Features:

  • Made from 3 mm natural gray felt
  • Roll-up design with red wrap around elastic string and button
  • 12 slots
  • 17” (45 cm) long x 8” (20 cm) wide
  • Water-resistant and resilient material

The felt pencil case is easy to spot clean using cool water. Pair it with an adult coloring book for the ultimate gift!

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