Craft Beer Club

Craft Beer Club

Satisfy the powerful thirst of those craft beer lovers on your list this holiday season!

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Craft Beer Club



Monthly clubs are some of the most popular Christmas gifts for Dad this holiday season, and the Craft Beer Club is an excellent choice. Now Dad can experience the amazing flavor of craft beer from some of the best micro breweries throughout America in the comfort of his own home. Magnificent brewmasters throughout the country are selected to deliver their own personal touch to Dad’s craft beer experience. They use only traditional ingredients and brewing methods that are time-honored in the beer world.

Each shipment includes twelve, 12 ounce beers for Dad to enjoy or share with friends. With four distinct flavors (3 beers each), there is something for everyone’s taste. As an added bonus, Dad will receive an interesting newsletter that explains the origin of the selections received, the ingredients, and the story behind the beer.

One of Our Favorite Gifts for Dad this Christmas, the Craft Beer Club Features:

  • 12 specially selected hand crafted beers (12 oz each)
  • Four distinct varieties (3 beers each) from top micro breweries around the country
  • An engaging newsletter packed with information about the beer he receives
  • FREE shipping in the continuous United States!

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