Huge Fort Kit

Huge Fort Kit
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The perfect Christmas gift for kids who enjoy using their imagination to the fullest! A magnificent way to encourage creative play this holiday season.

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Huge Fort Kit



The Huge Fort Kit is a wonderful Christmas gift for kids who love to pretend. Featuring more than 50 pieces including frame tubes, blocks and clips, this imagination station even comes with a convenient carrying bag for those trips away from home. Built stronger than the other play forts that are available on the market, Toydle Forts are designed for hours and hours of fun! Kids will have a great time imagining they are in a pirate ship far out at sea, an airliner soaring high above the clouds, or even a castle built for royalty. If you are searching for a Christmas gift that gets the kids away from the video games and encourages them to use their imagination this holiday season, a fort kit is a fabulous idea. Fantastic Christmas Gifts for kids.

Features of the Huge Fort Kit Include:

  • Extra sturdy construction built for hours of imaginative fun
  • More than 80 square feet of excitement
  • Features specially designed “notch” technology for easy connections
  • Includes 29 PVC Clips, 18 Wooden blocks and 6 clips
  • Convenient, high-quality bag for carrying or storage

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