Christmas Bubble Lights

Christmas Bubble Lights
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Bring some nostalgia to your Christmas this year with the bubble tree lights, just like when you were a kid!

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Christmas Bubble Lights



Do you remember growing up with bubble lights on your Christmas tree? We do, and we miss them! Thankfully, Miles Kimball has brought them back, now better than ever with current technology of today. With eleven inches of these lights, you can make this year’s tree as bubbly and bright as you like! Recreate the Christmas trees from your childhood, and make this year a special one!

It is not often you find vintage looking Christmas decor with modern electronic technology, so you better grab these while you can! Bring back memories of your childhood Christmases with these Christmas Bubble Lights from Miles Kimball. Buy them for yourself, or get them for someone who loved them back in the day, like your parents or grandparents. Or order a set for each of you! While these lights are loved by everyone, they are manufactured to the requirements and standards of the United States electronics specifications, and may need an electrical outlet adapter for outside countries besides the United States and Canada. Order yours today in time to decorate for Christmas now, and get into the nostalgic, reminiscent holiday spirit!


Making Your Christmas Tree Extra Spritely This Year, Features of the Miles Kimball Christmas Bubble Lights Include:

  • Concealed bulbs glow in the base to light up the bubbling, effervescent column
  • Set of 7 individual screw in bubble Christmas lights
  • Each light 4 ½ inches high
  • Lights spaced 19 inches apart on cord
  • 11 feet long overall
  • Heat resistant plastic
  • Heat resistant glass
  • Nostalgic

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