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  • Everyone wants to feel beautiful around the holidays. Bath and body products can revive our senses and make us like celebrating. Scent the air with a cinnamon scented candle, or delight in a foaming bubble bath. Bath and body gifts can be appropriate for anyone. There are special product lines for men, children and women. Perhaps you’re looking for something for a friend or family member. Or maybe you’re looking for something romantic, or that says, I want you to feel pampered. We’ve got some ideas and tips that can help you narrow down your search.

    Keep in mind, our bath and body section can be deceptive. There is more than simply bubble bath and perfume. We’ve broadened the scope to include much, much more than this. Shop around to find personal accessories, house products, even professional optical wear.

    In our experience, you can never go wrong these bath and body gifts:


    Candles are a classic gift, and are a great place to start. Candles can range from tea light sets, which are small and inexpensive, to elaborate hand crafted candles. Send individual candle as a small present, or sets of the same scent for a bigger gift. Personalize your gift with a unique candle holder and viola!

    Perfume or Cologne

    Fragrances are a popular Christmas gifts. When shopping for these, remember that people have different scent preferences. What smells good to one may not smell go great to another. We recommend that you stay away from intense scents, or scents that are known to conflict with allergies. If you don’t know the recipient that well, but still want to get them a scent, try going with something traditional and classic like vanilla or musk. Most designer fragrances provide a detailed description of the scent, but if you must smell it before purchasing, contact the manufacturer for a sample.

    Bath and Body Gift Basket

    Mix and match cosmetics, skin care products, perfumes, lotions, soaps, loofahs and more! Pick each piece individually, or purchase a pre-made basket. What’s better than a single bath and body gift? Why, a basket of several, of course!

    Benefits of Bath & Body Gifts

    Body and Bath holiday presents come in every size, shape, scent and color for that special someone in your life. With many ideas for both men and women, body and bath holiday gift presents truly pamper your friends and loved ones.

    Consider, for example, an oversized plush robe with matching soft slippers for your daughter who’s away at college. Other ideas could include chamomile bath salts for your Mother, and soothing shaving cream for your Dad.

    There are many benefits to giving holiday bath and body gifts this year. Here are just a few:

    • Your gift will be viewed as a form of pampering.
    • Your gift will be something they wouldn’t typically purchase themselves.
    • Your gift will be enthusiastically used.

    Bath Items as Gifts

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