Personalized Christmas Gifts

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  • Personalization of your gift will ensure it is memorable and is always more appreciated. We have a great selection of vendors of personalized gifts right at your fingertips.

    Editor’s Choice

    Custom Engraved Picture Frame $24.95

    Custom Engraved Picture Frame

    Custom Engraved Picture Frame


    A custom picture frame is a simple, yet totally unique and exceptionally meaningful Christmas gift. It’s a great way to show your loved ones that you took the extra time and thought to create something that’s truly theirs. Whether you’re shopping for your new boyfriend or girlfriend or your partner of many years, the “Because of You” picture frame can help express just how you...

    Personalized Stainless Steel Spinner Ring $17.95

    Personalized Stainless Steel Spinner Ring

    Personalized Stainless Steel Spinner Ring


    Made from the highest quality stainless steel in used in the jewelry making industry (316L), this gorgeous, yet durable ring is the perfect gift for your active loved one. The elegant brushed finish makes this spinner ring a sophisticated accompaniment to any wardrobe, and when you opt to customize it with the engraving of your choice, it becomes a one of a kind heirloom piece that is certain to...

    Personalized Children's Tent $29.99

    Personalized Children’s Tent

    Personalized Children’s Tent


    Do your children like to play kitchen with their play pots and pans, or play house with their babydolls? Then they’ll love this play kingdom tent to play kings and queens! Order them this personalized castle tent from Miles Kimball this Christmas! It can be the setting for all of the royal orders, dragon slayings, knightings, and magical dances. Help fuel their imagination! The Personalized...

    Personalized Voice Art Gallery Canvas $64

    Personalized Voice Art Gallery Canvas

    Personalized Voice Art Gallery Canvas


    This Voice Art Canvas truly is the most personal and heartfelt gift you could give to your loved ones. Record a message saying, “I love you,” and have it printed on a canvas to hang in your home! For more of a humorous approach, record yourself saying an inside joke between you and your friends or family, and gift it to them for Christmas. As a gift for dog lovers, this canvas can...

    Voice Art – Sahara $75

    Voice Art – Sahara

    Voice Art – Sahara


    A creative gift for office workers and executives this Christmas, this unique work of art is certain to add character to any home study, lounge or private office. Simply record your voice, song lyrics, or any motivational message or other unique sound and upload it to discover a creation all your own. With an abundance of color palettes chosen by expert designers and the option to create your...

    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer $21.95

    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – Classical Books

    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – Classical Books


    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, written by Mark Twain is one of America’s best loved novels of all time. This fascinating book combines enlightenment with enchantment on nearly every page. Prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime as you set out to join the young Tom Sawyer in his exciting adventures! The book examines life through the eyes of the main character, Tom Sawyer, as he...

    National Geographic Our Fifty States Reference Book $24.95

    National Geographic Our Fifty States Reference Book

    National Geographic Our Fifty States Reference Book


    This new edition of The National Geographic Our Fifty States Reference Book. written by author Stephen F. Cunha, is categorized as a children’s reference book, and includes fascinating illustrations, highly detailed maps, and compelling essays written by members of Society’s Geographic Alliance Program. Kids will discover the captivating details behind each state’s unique history from...

    National Geographic Complete Birds of North America Reference Book $35

    National Geographic Complete Birds of North America Reference Book

    National Geographic Complete Birds of North America Reference Book


    This new edition of National Geographic Complete Birds of North America Reference Book is the perfect Christmas gift for that bird-loving person on your Christmas list.This book,written by Jonathan Alderfer, features a wide array of information about virtually every bird species in North America. It includes an astonishing 82 bird families, and is a comprehensive resource for bird watchers and...

    Music for the Catholic Choir and Music Group Books - Book 2 $15.95

    Music for the Catholic Choir and Music Group – Book 2

    Music for the Catholic Choir and Music Group – Book 2


    Enjoy the uplifting experience of singing catholic gospel songs with this newly published book , “Music for the Catholic Choir and Music Group” – Book 2, by Kevin Mayhew. This special book includes a selection of Mayhew’s  song collection that will be sure to make an impressive gift for everyone on your list. This book is composed of a variety of spectacular religious songs that are...

    Books about Films $21.99

    Books about Films (Book Guide) – LLC Books – Paperback

    Books about Films (Book Guide) – LLC Books – Paperback


    The Books about Films (Book Guide) is an excellent gift for the film enthusiast on your Christmas list. This 100 page book is an excellent resource for anyone who enjoys books about films. The contents of this book include articles from a number of free online sources. This book guide includes various chapters that contain such things as film guides, books about Star Wars, non-fiction books...

    Niv Thinline Reference Bible, Large Print Bonded Leather Black Leather $32.99

    Leather Bible

    Leather Bible


    Celebrate with the word of God this Holiday season with this beautiful leather Bible. This Bible makes the perfect Christmas present for just about anyone on your list this season, and is made with such high standards that can easily become a family heirloom. The slim and compact design of this Bible was specially intended for on-the-go inspiration. The large print in this extra-thin edition...

    Standing In Another Man's Grave $23.09

    Standing In Another Man’s Grave – Hardcover Book

    Standing In Another Man’s Grave – Hardcover Book


    Standing In another Man’s Grave, written by Ian Rankin, will have your loved ones sitting on the edge of their seats this holiday season. This action packed 352 page book combines an action packed story about murder and crime with riveting mobster appeal. This is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the appearance of Rankin’s character; John Rebus, and the excitement never seems to cease....

    Personalized Tree of Love Framed Print $64.95

    Personalized Tree of Love Framed Print

    Personalized Tree of Love Framed Print


    Be ultra-romantic and express the love of your life this coming Christmas day! Cherish the special day that you plan to exchange your vows with this Personalized Tree of Love Framed Print. This is a very unique way to express your feelings to the one that you love. Purchase a one of a kind framed photograph and make your special someone smile this Yuletide season. Carve your name with the name of...

    Everyone likes having things that are made just for them. Personalization makes an otherwise ordinary gift unique and special to its recipient. It is fun to be a part of the creative process when it comes to personalizing presents. Choosing the right words or photograph can be part of the joy. When the time comes to share this present with a loved one, the experience will have deeper meaning for both of you.

    Light Affection Unique GiftWith personalized gifts, you can pay tribute to special dates, people and achievements. Newlyweds, new babies, athletes, academic achievers—or anyone else—will enjoy a gift that features them as the star. They will cherish these items for years to come.

    Engrave a picture frame with names and dates, then fill it with a special photo or piece of custom art. Engrave a ring or locket with a special pet name or saying. Do you have a golfer for a father or a brother? Get him a set of personalized golf balls or club head covers. Even shoes can be customized for color, materials and design.

    Got someone who just wants socks and shirts? Personalize a couple shirts for him or her and make the usual unusual. He’ll never lose socks that have his name on them.

    Personalized gifts aren’t only embroidery and engraving. Christmas gifts can be tailored to someone’s taste, such as a unique bottle of wine or a special skin cream you can’t find in a normal store. Surprise someone with a gift personalized to their personality, not just their name.


    Now here’s a gift idea!

    What you probably aren’t thinking of when you think of personalized gifts are in the following list. They are all gifts you can make your own in a big way.

    • Custom Bobblehead of anyone you choose. Make a collection of the whole family!
    • Personalized stuffed animals—you design them yourself, however you want.
    • Mini vending machine stocked with favorite snacks and drinks.
    • Classic paintings recreated with the face of a loved one or friend. Turn Mona Lisa into whoever you want!
    • Date of birth newspapers—this can even be turned into a puzzle for a more engaging activity.
    • Customized proposal and love books. She will be surprised when she reads this one!


    Finding the Right Personalized Christmas Gift

    Personalized Christmas gifts are good for everyone. Here are gift ideas for the various people in your life. You’ll see one gift idea repeated time and time again; the gift basket. Gift baskets are an easy Christmas gift to throw together, because you can choose everything online. There are hundreds of types of gift baskets, so we’ve tried to be specific when we mentioned them.



    Gift for a TeacherGive your favorite teacher a Christmas gift they will remember. Customize a tree ornament with the year, your child’s name and school name. Personalize a travel coffee mug with her class picture. Teachers work hard, and they have lives outside of school too. Give a gift card for store they may shop at, or service they’d enjoy.



    Gift for MotherDelight your mother by giving her a gourmet chocolate gift basket this Christmas. You can personalize a basket for Mom by picking out her favorite treats and flavors. Don’t forget to add a special note.



    Gift for Grandma

    Looking for a gift idea for your Grandma, or are you trying to find a gift that a child can give to their grandma? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Children can customize an apron or blanket with names and photos. Children may also personalize other items for a grandmother, such as mugs, dishes, t-shirts and more. Create these online, or buy the materials and do it yourself.

    If it’s an adult gift to a grandparent, then step it up a notch. Treat Grandma to a gourmet food or wine basket as well (we told you they’re a good gift idea for anyone). If you’re looking for something that will last longer, have a family portrait reprinted on canvas or etched in glass.


    Far-Away Relative

    Help a relative feel closer with these gift ideas:

    • Talking picture frame or book.
    • Old family photographs framed or digitally re-mastered.
    • Throw blanket printed with family photographs and names.

    School Age Kid or Teen

    All school age kids and teenagers need school gear. Give a personalized backpack—either with art or a name—and they’ll never lose it again! As we always say, kids teens also love gift cards.

    Dad or Grandpa

    Does Dad or Grandpa love to fire up the grill? Give a personalized chef’s hat or apron to the man who does the cooking. You can personalize other practical gifts as well, like wallets, money clips, car accessories and professional gear.


    Romantic gifts ideas are always welcome. Inscribe jewelry with a special message for your loved one. Perhaps put a secret symbol or date. Or have aphoto etched in gold. This will show you want the relationship to last forever.
    Don’t forget to see out Editor’s Choice section for our favorite Christmas gifts this year.