Tales of Christmas Past

Tales of Christmas Past

The wonderful fiction stories and poems in this collection were all written in the 19th and early 20th century and give us a glimpse into the world as it once was.

Real horse and carriages raced through the snow with their bells jingling and Yule logs were lit in hard working fireplaces. Christmas trees were festooned with popcorn and candles and Santa Claus had not yet become the red suited jolly fat old man we are so familiar with.

You’ll find stories for children and grown-ups written in a style that may seem old-fashioned. Of course, it is old-fashioned, for most of the stories are over a hundred years old!

Note: Tales of Christmas Past is in PDF format. You will need Adobe PDF reader to open and print the coloring pages.

List of Christmas Stories Included:

  • Christmas Every Day
    William Dean Howells 1892
  • December – Christmass
    John Clare (1793 – 1864)
  • St. Nicholas
    Susan Coolidge 1872
  • In the Great Walled Country
    Raymond MacDonald Alden 1906
  • Three Christmas Trees
    By Juliana Horatia Ewing 1871
  • Why The Chimes Rang
    Raymond MacDonald Alden 1906
  • Mr. White Helps Santa Claus
    Josephine Lawrence 1928
  • The Christmas Cuckoo
    Frances Browne (1816-1879)
  • The Peterkin’s Christmas Tree
    By Lucretia P. Hale 1886
  • Wee Robin’s Christmas Song
    A Scottish Folk Tale
  • When the Yule Log Burns
    Leona Dalrymple 1916
  • Joel’s Talk with Santa Claus
    Eugene Field 1912
  • The Symbol and the Saint
    Eugene Field 1912
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