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So Many Kinds of Shoes!

Specialty shoes often make good Christmas gifts. Some are slightly unusual gift ideas, which we love here at While this list doesn’t even begin to cover the wide array of gift ideas found in our Clothing & Shoes directory, these basics can help you get started.

Designer Shoes—Hundreds of celebrities, athletes, designers, and professionals have shoes designed after them. Give a limited edition sneaker to a man, or a designer flat to a woman. Try to pick something seasonal, and from a current fashion line if possible.

Custom Built Shoes—Design a pair of shoes yourself! Many online companies have custom options for colors, materials, laces, heels, etc. Go the extra mile and design a pair of shoes for a loved one, or even a matching set for yourself. A unique Christmas gift idea like this is sure to bring joy!

Safety Shoes—Shoes designed for safety often include steel or reinforced toes, waterproof or water-resistant materials and/or gripping soles to prevent slipping. Safety shoes are essential for people working in wet, slippery or otherwise dangerous conditions. A good pair of safety shoes can prevent injuries and, ultimately, can save lives. As far as Christmas gifts go, safety shoes aren’t the most romantic, but they can provide piece of mind, which is always appreciated.

Shoes for Long-Day Wear—Anyone working in a service industry, or any job where they’re on their feet a lot, will appreciate this gift idea. Shoes designed for all-day wear have an ergonomic design and extra-cushioned soles. These additions can make a huge difference for someone who is on her feet all day.

Five-Toed Shoes—You may have seen these on an athlete, in a marathon, or in a trendy urban neighborhood. These are shoes with built in toe holders, so they fit more like gloves than shoes. Boasting a variety of health benefits including improved posture and higher running speeds, five-toed shoes are showing up in more styles, and in more places than you’d think.

Slippers—Slippers are a creature comfort any human can enjoy. Cozy, cushioned soles will make you feel like you’re walking on air. A good pair of house slippers can sooth wary feet at the end of a long day, or can warm up cold toes in the winter. Either way, slippers are always a welcome Christmas gift for just about anyone.

HOT GIFT IDEA—Shoe of the Month Club. If you’re shopping for a shoe lover, then this is the gift idea for you. Shoe of the Month Clubs deliver a new pair of shoes each month, or every other month, to your recipient. Usually, they are hand-picked by top designers or celebrities, ensuring they are trendy and in style. Shoe of the Month clubs are available for both men and women, and can be fashion- or sport-oriented. This is the perfect, unique Christmas gift idea for any teenager or fashionista.

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