Pins Gifts

Harkening from the era of vintage fashion, pins of all kinds are returning to the mainstream. From brooches to stick pins to lapel pins to the tie bar, from the collar bar to the tie pin, fashion pins have returned with a bang for both men and women.


Pins for Men

For men, pins are the fashion accessory that transcends any ordinary suit to an extraordinary, polished look. From the ever-popular tie pin to the collar bar (worn through the tie and on each side of the collar) to the tie bar (worn in the middle of the tie, much like the tie pin) come in a variety of styles including vintage and modern; depending upon your friend or loved ones.


Pins for Women

A timeless tradition, the brooch has been worn by the elite women who have ruled countries. From Princess Diana, to former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, brooches have been worn as a fashion accessory not to be dismissed. Made of precious stones or brilliant metals, brooches can adorn sweaters, blouses, coats, jackets, suit blazers, hats and even scarves. Animals, flowers, leaves, or other objects made with precious to semi-precious stones, form brooches that are the fashion accessory that culminates any outfit, any time. That’s why a brooch makes such an ideal Christmas gift!


How to Wear a Pin

It’s important to understand the fine nuances to wearing pins. For example, while browsing through a vintage shop you might spy a unique pin perfect for that one special person on your list. Perhaps you have a bee lover on your list and you find a nice sterling silver bee pin. Not sure if you should get it? You should! Not only will it go over like gangbusters, but it will make such an interesting conversation piece!


Lapel Pins

Lapels are the most opportune real estate for pins. Most popular during the year are holiday pins. Christmas trees, holly, Christmas stockings, as well as pumpkins, turkey’s Easter Bunny’s, baskets of flowers are all popular lapel pins.


Pins for Scarves

Pins for scarves are a perfect fashion forward look. Not only can the pin tie the look together, it also can have sentimentality, such as family heirlooms.

The perfect complement to any outfit, the pin is the perfect holiday gift for that someone special on your Christmas list!

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