Pendants & Charms

The popularity of pendants and charms as fashion accessories has increased over the past 10 years. Now, more than ever, personal sentimentality has made a splash into the fashion world in the form of pendants and charm jewelry.



Both the pendant and the charm were created in early prehistoric times. Pendants and charms were made of bones, or shells, rock, wood or clay and created for a specific purpose, such as protecting the wearer from danger, or warding off evil spirits or bad luck.

Typically most ancient pendants depicted animals, often cats as a symbol of the feminine spirit representing the home, hearth and children. Charm jewelry, in the Egyptian times, were used as symbols of faith and luck, serving to identify an individual to the gods in the afterlife.



The idea behind the famous quote ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is never more true than with the pendant and charm. Today there are literally dozens of shapes and forms of pendants representing everything from love and religion and everything in between. For example there are:

  • The Heart Pendant
  • The Cross Pendant
  • The Diamond Heart Pendant
  • The Gold Gross Pendant
  • The Diamond Cross Pendant



In the existing age of information charm jewelry can be made out of just about any substance. Silver jewelry is very popular with some people in parts of the United States. Also, turquoise jewelry, in the form of pendants with matching jewelry charms is a popular holiday gift.



As both the pendant and charm possess a measure of sentimentality, personal and intimate to the wearer, today there are companies that will take the cremated remains of your loved ones and craft them into hand-crafted jewelry pendants as an everlasting keepsake for generations to come.



Most commonly pendants and charm jewelry are worn as fashion jewelry. Pendants range in size and shape as broad as one’s imagination. With the increased popularity of costume jewelry buying such items for Christmas presents is significant easier and less expensive and stressful.

Recently, charm bracelets have also increased in popularity. Charms, enlarged ornamental beads that can be worn on either a bracelet or necklace, are a fun present to give. Today there are handcrafted ornamental charms depicting everything from beautiful flowers, to bicycles to cooking and crafting and everything in between.

Personalized gift giving, in the form of selecting personalized charms for bracelets has never been easier or more satisfying to both give and receive as a Christmas gift keepsake. Such charms, typically made of fused glass, metal, clay, rock or bone add a beautiful and unique style to any holiday gift.


Personalized Pendants & Charms

Most pendants and charms created today can be engraved; that is, a special word, phrase or saying can be etched or lasered into it, for added sentimentality. There are, for example, jewelry pendants with engraved inscriptions of special dates, anniversaries etc. that make wonderful mementos to give as Christmas gifts.

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