Lockets are a unique and memorable Christmas gift that has sentimentality and emotion attached. Giving a locket as a gift is a wonderful idea for someone who has children, who has endured significant stress, or who has persevered in the face of great odds.

Did you know there are different types of lockets? There are lockets that store surprises inside, there are lockets that hold photographs, and there are lockets that hold small trinkets. Both men and women wear lockets for any number of reasons from sentimentality to superstition.


Different Types of Lockets

You’ve decided to give your special someone a locket. But what kind? Where does one begin to find the perfect locket in a sea of lockets?

Much like a sophisticated Faberge egg, the locket comes in many different kinds of metals, such as silver and gold. There are multiple hinged lockets in the shape of hearts, ladybugs and the like, as well as mutli-faceted lockets that, once opened, reveal a secret compartment.


Custom-Made Lockets

Gaining in popularity is the custom made locket. Not only is it possible to provide the right photograph for the locket, engraving is also available. Imagine the surprise on your loved one’s face as they unwrap your holiday gold locket complete with a photo of their son or daughter, with the engraved birth date on the back.


Photo Engraved Lockets

With advances in technology, now it’s possible to have a loved one’s photograph engraved on the face of the locket, with the actual photo captured inside the locket. Or, you could get a locket that has custom engraving on one side of the locket and engraved photo on the other side of the locket. Again, here’s where sentimentality knows no end.


Size of Locket

There are many styles and size of lockets one can choose from, depending upon the contents of the locket. The different sizes available range from 3/4 inch to 2 inches, and in style from hearts, keys, ovals, religious symbols that can hold either one photograph or up to five.


Filling in the Blank

Not sure what to fill the locket with? Don’t worry. There are fillable glass pendants that allow the wearer to supply the contents of the locket to keep special memories or tokens close. It’s a made-for-life keepsake that allows the wearer to change the contents as often as they’d like with whatever they wish.

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