Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry is a part of most everyone’s life. Not only women wear jewelry these days; so do men and children as well. There are so many different types of jewelry boxes that can be purchased as the perfect Christmas gift for anyone on your holiday list.

What makes a great jewelry box? That’s easy! What makes the perfect jewelry box is a correctly-sized container that will accommodate one’s existing jewelry, with room for more!


Jewelry Boxes for Women

For women, the popular jewelry boxes have expanded to that of dresser size. Built with several drawers with velvet lined squares to hold one’s jewelry, the jewelry armoire is the preferred method of storing earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, toe rings, rings, ankle bracelets and the like.


Jewelry Boxes for Men

Less popular than women, there are jewelry boxes made for men. Handcrafted from fine woods, and with no drawers, velvet lined boxes are the perfect gift for man on your list. Typically consisting of bracelets, necklaces, cuff links, watches and the like, there are hand-crafted watch boxes, specifically for watches as well.


Jewelry Boxes for Children

The perfect holiday gift for the youngster on your holiday list, the unique ballerina with the wind up music box attached.

With themed silk wrapped boxes, or even movie-themed boxes, to leather bound, to wooden Asian-themed boxes, this one- or two-drawer jewelry box is perfect for the many different jewelry items children acquire as they grow.


Jewelry Boxes for Travel

Often overlooked when it comes to giving jewelry boxes is the container one must take with them when Traveling to store their jewelry. In addition to the soft covered laced card sized container, there are also travel cases, much like a toiletry tri-fold that has individualized compartments for earrings, necklaces and the like.


Jewelry Trees, Hooks and Fingers

Not only can jewelry be stored in boxes, but there are a variety of other options besides the box. There are metal trees, in the shape of a 6 inch oak tree designed to hold earrings or necklaces. As well, there are designer necklace holders complete with hooks, hinges and just the proper height to store all sizes of necklaces available. For rings, the most popular device to hold rings is the ceramic hand which holds rings for all five fingers.

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