Earrings Gifts

This holiday season why not buy your special someone a “sure to please” present? Earrings are the kind of gift that many women simply do not have the time to buy themselves, so are always welcomed as a Christmas gift.

Earring Styles

There are so many different styles of earrings to choose from, it would do you well to observe what style of earrings your special someone currently wears. There are posts, hoops, chandelier earrings, cartilage earrings, gold hoop earrings and even clip-on earrings.

Earrings have everything to do with a woman’s (or nowadays, a man’s) preference. There are many factors to consider when selecting the perfect set of earrings as a holiday present. For example, the length of hair of your recipient is a factor

“Must Have” Earrings

As with any accessory there are certain types of earrings a woman ought to have. This is an unwritten law in the accessory world and holds true with most women. Diamond earrings (no matter the carat size) are considered must haves. Pearl earrings, too, are considered a common item in the jewelry box of women today. These hold true as “must-have” items since they can be worn dressy or casual and lend themselves greatly to femininity in general.

Piercings Aplenty

No longer is the lobe the only part of the ear worthy of being pierced and wearing jewelry. Did you know there are eight other areas of the ear that can be pierced? Check out the other areas:

  • Helix/Cartilage
  • Industrial
  • Rook
  • Daith
  • Tragus
  • Snug
  • Conch
  • Anti-Tragus

No longer is the hoop earring the standard ‘go to item.’ There are stud, post, hook and loop style earrings to chose from as well.

Not Every Ear is Pierced

Despite the wide popularity of pierced ears, not all women have their ears pierced. This could be due to a number of factors, including fear of getting one’s ears pierced or simply an allergic reaction to the metal in one’s ears. The beauty of this kind of earring is that clip-on earrings can be worn by anyone. Much like pierced earrings, clip-on earrings come in a wide variety of styles, colors and lengths to choose from for your special Christmas present.

Gemstone Earrings

As a clothing accessory, earrings can be worn everyday or on special occasions. For this reason, a wide variety of colors and styles are necessary for the women of today. This really is where the fun starts in shopping for earrings as Christmas presents, as no matter what color or style you select, it’s almost certain that your gift will be worn.

Gemstones are a colorful option in earrings since typically they are brilliant with color and sparkle with minimal light. One’s birthstone is always a good choice in selecting earrings to go with a matching necklace set.

Earrings, a common fashion accessory, are a staple to anyone’s jewelry box, and will not only please as a Christmas present, but will be a welcome gift!

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