Handbag Gifts

Second only to shoes, handbags are essential items for any woman’s wardrobe, as well as her overall style and look. Handbags serve many purposes besides transporting keys, cell phones and make-up. Nowadays, the handbag also carries important items for the mother of children (such as food, diapers, and bottles), or laptops and notebooks for the student.

Just to brush up on handbags 101 a bit, there are many different style of handbags available to give as gifts for the loved one on your shopping list:

  • The Clutch—rectangular in shape with no handles
  • The Satchel—handbag with two very large handles
  • The Hobo—bag shaped with drawstring handles


Handbags for Every Occasion

When giving a handbag as a gift it’s important to keep in mind an occasion for use. Is your gift an everyday use bag? An everyday use bag needs to be larger with more pockets. A clutch would be smaller in size and designed just hold essentials such as keys, cell phone and money.


Travel Bags

Different types of handbags are typically used while traveling for a variety of reasons. Typically these handbags are smaller than everyday handbags and are flashier (to draw one’s attention to the bag) with leopard or zebra print designs, generally. This helps with easy locating the bag during the hectic schedule of traveling.


Handbag Colors

It used to be that women matched the color of their handbag with the color of their shoes. Today, this is no longer the case. Good quality handbags can cost upwards of several hundred dollars; so don’t concern yourself too much with trying to figure out a color of handbag that will go along with a colorful wardrobe.


Size Matters

Seems like just about everybody has a bag for something! Whether it’s for travel, working out, day-to-day, the handbag is the preferred bag. Women typically enjoy a larger sized handbag so as to carry more items than keys, wallet, cell phone etc. These larger bags accommodate every day necessities such as lunch, snacks, diapers, notebooks, make-up, bottles, etc.



While handbags can be made from many different materials, it’s important to note the preference of the individual. Commensurate with costs, the handbag can be made from leather, which is the most durable and long-lasting material; however, vinyl is a good candidate as well because of its less expensive price point, and more decorative presentation.


Handbag Handles

It’s important to pay attention to the length of handles or straps when it comes to purchasing handbags. Some people prefer to have their handbag rest comfortably over their shoulder, while others prefer the hip-length straps. This is a very important factor to most women and could be a determining factor if your handbag gift is to be used every day, or stored in the closet.

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