Cologne & Perfume Gifts

Unknown to most people, there is a very definite difference between perfume and cologne. While most people think of France as the birth place of perfumes and colognes, it was actually the ancient Egyptians. However, the French perfected the process and revolutionized the entire industry.



The French learned a way to make scents last longer by introducing layered fragrances. Perfume contains more concentrated perfume oils than cologne, and is therefore usually more expensive. Pure perfume is usually sold in a very small bottle, and the oils are dabbed onto the skin using a fingertip. There are three layers, and each layer is called a “note,” named Top, Middle, and Bottom.

  • Top: This is the scent that is noticed immediately upon application.
  • Middle: This scent is considered the heart of the perfume in that it transpires immediately before the top notes dispel.
  • Bottom: Considered the main scent of the perfume, not noticeable until half an hour after use.



Unlike layered perfumes, colognes are one simple scent. Because of this, the scents are weaker than perfumes, and is usually used from a spray bottle. Colognes may be milder, but they can still be over used, and with sneeze-inducing results! Don’t want to overdo it? Spray a mist directly in front of your body; make sure to close your eyes (and mouth!), and step through. You’ll be left lightly dusted in the scent rather than doused.


What Else Do You Need to Know?

Eau de perfume is most common among fragrance types – it lasts a long time, and costs less than perfume. On the other hand, eau de toilette is the least expensive, as it contains a smaller fraction of fragrance oils and usually lasts around three hours (maybe four, depending on skin type).
One’s personal scent is truly a personal choice. As there are so many different scents available, it is important to be cognizant of scent sensitivity in others. Very often perfume and/or cologne is prohibited in the work place due to close working quarters. Those with sensitive skin would best be suited to receiving a gift certificate at their local perfume boutique.

When purchasing perfume or cologne, it is wise to purchase small quantities at first to ensure one doesn’t tire of the scent too soon or have an allergic reaction oneself or cause an allergic reaction in someone you live or work with.

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