Already have Collectibles?

Are you buying a gift for someone who already has a themed collection of some sort? Are you hoping to contribute, or add something special to what they have now? Maybe you’d like to get them a centerpiece, or add a cornerstone to their display. No matter what type of collection your recipient has, you can find something for them here.

Dragon Figurine GiftPeople collect all types of things, but certain genres are generally accepted as “collectible”. While there are many of these categories, far too many to list here, we can give you some clues into a few of the more popular themes. Keep in mind, some items are considered collectible because of their designer or production company value (like Disney). Many of these are trademarked, and so items usually cost more. Other collectibles are theme-related, and tend to be more general, or even time based.

For example, retro lovers can find old Coca Cola memorabilia and lava lamps exciting. Celebrity enthusiasts revel in Elvis, Marilyn or Betty Boop accessories. Fantasy buffs will appreciate anything involving dragons, unicorns, sorcery or mermaids. For movie lovers, there are posters, glassware and apparel for practically every movie made!

Hand crafted and natural items can be considered collectibles as well. They don’t have be in a designer line or come with papers of authenticity. Crystals, gemstones and fossils are highly desirable and stand the test of time.


Start a New Tradition with Collectibles

Ask yourself these questions before committing to a new collectibles line or theme:

  • Will the items gain value in years to come?
  • Is their worth to you sentimental or for investment purposes? Should they be appraised or insured?
  • Will they be relevant to the next generation? (If you plan on keeping these items in your family for many years, you may want to think about finding a universal theme or designer with high quality items)
  • Are you going for quality or quantity? How many pieces can you realistically accumulate each year? Choose a line that you can work into your budget. You’ll be more likely to meet your goals this way.
  • How much room will your collectibles take up in your home or display? As you begin to increase your items, you may need to purchase a case or stand.


Collecting for Pleasure

Collectors exist all over the world, and collect all kinds of things. We’ve heard of some pretty strange and amazing examples. How about the rubber band ball that weighs 3500 pounds? It took seven years to make. Then there is the woman who has over five thousand bars of soap, from all over the world. A man in Germany collects toasters and has amassed an impressive collection including over 600 unique models, starting from the 1920’s.

People collect for all kinds of reasons, but they almost always do it for pleasure. Lots of people collect things from their childhood; things they used to see or play with when they were little. Some people collect for investment, and others for self-satisfaction. When they add a new collectibleto their display, they feel a sense of accomplishment and pride of ownership.


Books for Collectors

If you can’t add to friend of loved one’s collection in some way, we have a gift idea for you. Contribute in book form! Many coffee table books are full of glossy photographs and detailed descriptions. Get a book about their loved item or hobby, or just an interesting general publication about specialty or original items. Books make great Christmas gifts!


Some Interesting Collectibles:

  • Egyptian artifacts—Whether real or replications, Egyptian art is striking and bold. Pieces range in price and can found in all levels of quality.
  • Anime—Born in Japan, this animation style has become popular all over the world.
  • Ancient Goddesses and Paganism—Symbols of early human beliefs expressed in jewelry, sculpture and art.
  • Angels —They take all types of cultural and religious forms.
  • African American Art—These items are currently very popular and highly sought after.
  • UFOs—Outer space has a huge following here on Earth.
  • Dolls & Stuffed Animals—Remember the Beanie Baby sensation?
  • Stamps & Coins—People have been collecting these for centuries.
  • Sports Memorabilia—Baseball cards, autographed balls and jerseys.
  • Comics— Fun to read for all ages. Make sure to check content for age appropriate material.
  • Hot Wheels—Easy to store, fun to use.
  • Vintage Perfume & Beauty Bottles—Some brands are more popular than others, but even generic pieces are highly sought after.
  • Magazines—National Geographic, Vogue and Playboy are popular choices.
  • Trading Cards—Remember Garbage Pail Kids?
  • Post Cards—Document the world in photos and personalized notes.
  • DVD—New movies are released on DVD every week!
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