Clip Art

Having a wide variety of clip art on hand is a wise idea. Typically most computers come with some kind of graphics program pre-loaded, such as Publisher, with slim libraries of clip art. For the creatively inclined holiday gift-giver, a wide and diverse selection of clip art will not only help inspire you creatively but will give you the needed art to complete your ‘spur-of-the-moment’ projects.


A Wide Selection of Clip Art is Useful

One can find free clip art available online as well as clip art that can be purchased for a fee. Fees can range from .10 per downloadable image all the way to $50 for a CD of transferable images. When considering adding to your clip art library it is important to browse many different libraries to ensure a wide variety is obtained. Such categories as Sports, Children, Weather and Events are just a few choice categories you can find online to beef up your clip art library.

Clip art is useful in so many ways these days. Useful in making homemade cards or place-holders, or even Christmas tree decorations, clip art can be found easily online for any occasion. Here are some tips on clip art:


  • Research to find a wide variety in one place.
  • Include other occasions.
  • Include a variety of fonts.


  • Just stick to the free clip art
  • Limit yourself to static pictures
  • Only use a black ink cartridge


Tips on How to Use Clip Art:

  • Can be used as place holders for dinner parties over the holidays.
  • Can be used when making homemade cards for the holidays.
  • Very useful in making package labels for shipping presents.
  • Can be used to make labels for homemade items such as jams, jellies, homemade beverages etc.
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