Out of Print Books

Giving that Out of Print Christmas Present

For the bibliophile on your list, tracking down and finding that hard to find out of print book is very much like finding the lost treasure of Babylon.

In the age of the information super highway such long lost treasures are now able to be found, through some online sleuthing anyone can easily do.


Finding the Out of Print Treasure

Simply because that favorite book is no longer in print doesn’t mean it’s not available; it simply means the publisher is no longer prints that book. Here are some suggestions on where to find out of print books:

  • Online auction website
  • Publisher’s website
  • Author’s website
  • Specialty Out-of-Print websites
  • Pawn shops
  • Used book store websites (Powells City of Books and Alibris.com both have excellent websites, and Amazon.com shows listings from a tremendous number of used book stores and book resellers/collectors)

It often takes a significant amount of time to locate the out-of-print item. It’s best to begin the search early in the year, just to be safe. Also, another factor to consider is the inflated price tag that comes with the very hard-to-find present, as often the price is marked up by as much as 100%.


Accompanying gift ideas

Sometimes we don’t often learn our friends and loved ones are searching for an out-of-print book until they are older. For the considerate gift giver, consider not only locating the out of print book, but reading the contents out loud, while recording the book digitally. This is a bright idea for the older reader who has difficulty reading.

A magnifying glass is now made that actually fits over the pages of hardbound books, complete with a light and a swivel arm attachment so the reader can read with ease.

Depending upon the age of the newly found treasure, one could also consider specialized gloves that do not leave any human trace on the pages thereby effectively prolonging the life of the book.

As a special keepsake heirloom, the newly found out of print book would best be kept in an ornate wooden box complete with lock and key.

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