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National Geographic Our Fifty States Reference Book $24.95

National Geographic Our Fifty States Reference Book

National Geographic Our Fifty States Reference Book


This new edition of The National Geographic Our Fifty States Reference Book. written by author Stephen F. Cunha, is categorized as a children’s reference book, and includes fascinating illustrations, highly detailed maps, and compelling essays written by members of Society’s Geographic Alliance Program. Kids will discover the captivating details behind each state’s unique history from...

Books about Films $21.99

Books about Films (Book Guide) – LLC Books – Paperback

Books about Films (Book Guide) – LLC Books – Paperback


The Books about Films (Book Guide) is an excellent gift for the film enthusiast on your Christmas list. This 100 page book is an excellent resource for anyone who enjoys books about films. The contents of this book include articles from a number of free online sources. This book guide includes various chapters that contain such things as film guides, books about Star Wars, non-fiction books...

Niv Thinline Reference Bible, Large Print Bonded Leather Black Leather $32.99

Leather Bible

Leather Bible


Celebrate with the word of God this Holiday season with this beautiful leather Bible. This Bible makes the perfect Christmas present for just about anyone on your list this season, and is made with such high standards that can easily become a family heirloom. The slim and compact design of this Bible was specially intended for on-the-go inspiration. The large print in this extra-thin edition...

Give the gift of knowledge this Christmas—give a non-fiction book or magazine subscription.

Think non-fiction books are boring? They’re not. The term “non-fiction” covers a wide array of reading material, and this directory is here to help sort it out, as well as give some tips for selecting non-fiction books for Christmas Gifts.

Here are some HOT non-fiction book gift ideas:

  • Books of the Future—The digital era brings us amazing, rendered images of what the future may look like. Books on this topic may include interests such as:
    • Concept Cars (see what we’ll be driving in a hundred years!)
    • Political Ideas/Concepts for future
    • Technology Advances
  • Atlases—The world is always changing. New countries are formed, then dissolved constantly. Does your latest Atlas or globe still tout “USSR”? It’s time for an update! Many atlases today come with computer software for interactive learning (even for adults), real satellite images, and high quality photos from around the world. Atlases are good for all ages.
  • Humor books—Need The Zombie Survival Guide? How about a copy of Texts From Last Night, which includes ridiculous text messages either sent on purpose or accident. Even a book of funny animal photos can bring a smile. This is a big area of revenue for publishers, who are always competing to see who can put out the funniest, most relevant humor books.
  • Bestselling Non-Fiction Books—Bestseller lists are updated by the day, week, month and year. We can’t list them for you here, since there will be new ones by the time this is published. Instead, use one of our online directories to search for current best-sellers. Millions of reader can’t be wrong, so pick a best-selling gift idea this Christmas.
  • Biographies—Today’s biography market is crawling with hot celebrity stories, “Tell All”s, breaking news and gossip. Even a teenager can appreciate a good biography their favorite pop star or actress.
  • Style, Fashion, Beauty & Fitness Books—There are so many tips, ideas and inspirations in the world of beauty! If you know someone who is interested in looking or feeling better, encourage them with a helpful non-fiction book on the topic they’re most drawn to. Here are some suggestions:
  • Current fashion and style—either locally or internationally. See flashy images of runway shoots, top designs, etc.
  • Style guides—from prominent icons such as Nina Garcia, Tim Gunn or InStyle Magazine.
  • Organic skin care—or home-made beauty recipes.
  • Books on specialized hair care, such as African American hair tips or braiding methods for very long hair.
  • Budget Beauty—learn how to look great on a dime. In our economy, not everyone can afford top designer wares, but everyone wants to look good trying.
  • Magazine Subscription—Almost like a Gift of the Month Club, your recipient will receive a new issue each month. It’s a gift idea that will keep them reading all year long!


Don’t forget about textbooks!

Did you know that students are responsible for supplying their own textbooks in college? This is true for many school-age programs as well, especially extra-curricular and charter activities. As funding for education is cut, textbooks become harder for families to afford.

Surprise a student with some unusual Christmas gifts this year—required textbooks for a class they are taking or will take. It’s a bit tricky to shop for, since you need the student’s exact class information to know which book (and which edition) they will need. Luckily, there are many book suppliers in this directory who sell gift certificates. A gift of this magnitude will provide real life help, encouragement and support.

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