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Books about Films $21.99

Books about Films (Book Guide) – LLC Books – Paperback

Books about Films (Book Guide) – LLC Books – Paperback


The Books about Films (Book Guide) is an excellent gift for the film enthusiast on your Christmas list. This 100 page book is an excellent resource for anyone who enjoys books about films. The contents of this book include articles from a number of free online sources. This book guide includes various chapters that contain such things as film guides, books about Star Wars, non-fiction books...

Standing In Another Man's Grave $23.09

Standing In Another Man’s Grave – Hardcover Book

Standing In Another Man’s Grave – Hardcover Book


Standing In another Man’s Grave, written by Ian Rankin, will have your loved ones sitting on the edge of their seats this holiday season. This action packed 352 page book combines an action packed story about murder and crime with riveting mobster appeal. This is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the appearance of Rankin’s character; John Rebus, and the excitement never seems to cease....

Give New Releases (Books) this Holiday Season

This holiday season, give the gift of this year’s new releases hot off the press. This is a holiday gift that is easy to give and makes for a nice holiday gift.

Usually, the new releases are classified as such so that one may easily and readily read what’s latest from a book seller or store, and the latest works from one’s favorite authors.

New releases are titled as such on a variety of different internet sites including sites who sell books. Most often, while browsing (either online or in person) one can read a brief synopsis of the story line to determine if that story would be found interesting by the intended reader.


What kinds of New Releases are there?

The beauty of giving this kind of gift this season is that there are so many different kinds of New Releases, in a wide variety of categories, it’s almost impossible to select the ‘wrong’ kind. Just to give you a few ideas here are some categories one can choose from:

  • Fiction
  • Non Fiction
  • Humor
  • Biographical


Which Format is Best?

The days of browsing the library or bookstore are almost gone, in light of the latest technological advances in the digital publishing world. Not only are you able to purchase hard bound and paper back books, you are now able to purchase downloadable books to your computer or Kindle (an electronic device used to read books, similar in size a portable DVD player). It’s hard to know who prefers which format, so it’s wise to ask first.
Here are some tips in deciding which format is best and for whom:

  • Hardbound books: Best given as a present to anyone over 40.
  • Paperbound books: Ideal for anyone over 30.
  • E Reader/Kindle: Ideally given for anyone over 18
  • Audio Books: For commuters and those with visual impairments

Most people who embrace technology understand the need for and can appreciate the leap into the digital world through the use of a Kindle or other eReader; those same devices will play audio books through services such as

When making your list this year, be sure it includes new releases, and don’t forget to be sensitive to your reader’s preferences.

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