Giving the gift of an overnight stay is not only a delight to receive, but its fun to give. There are so many different ways to give such a gift; it really is up to you the gift giver to decide the fun and exciting details.

The internet is a wonderful resource when it comes to giving overnight stays at hotels as a gift. Especially during the holiday season this gift is a welcomed excursion away from the everyday hustle-and-bustle routine.

When purchasing a Christmas gift such as this, you will need to purchase either a gift card for that hotel or a gift certificate, both made out in the recipient’s name. As well, you will need to find out if your gift has any restrictions, such as blackout dates, upgrade options (or lack thereof), special package amenities, etc.


Thinking ahead

There are some rich dividends if a little time and forethought is put in to this type of holiday gift. Most all hotel chains have some kind of membership; offering free nights or discounted room rates for frequent reservations. This is idea of the business traveler in that not only do you stay at some nice hotels, at a noteworthy discount; you also earn “points” toward free nights. Again, it would be important to know ahead of time if you are able to “gift” these rewards to someone else.



Depending on your selected hotel, you are able to not only log on to their website and get a view of the room, but selecting amenities such as extra towels, extra pillows, or even ordering a bottle of champagne that is chilled and waiting in the room upon arrival are all options you can decide from the privacy of your computer.

Other amenities to consider include on-site golf course, swimming pool or workout room. Regardless of the stay being a mini-vacation or an extended getaway, it’s important to align activities the hotel offers with the interests of your friend or loved one.


Popular Hotel Clubs

There are many sites that you can browse that will help you decide which hotel is best for your gift. One very popular site is, another is

Other hotels that offer membership discounts include Hilton, Marriott, Starwood Preferred, as well as The Radisson. Be sure to inquire with other hotels as well that are NOT national chains. They, too, pride themselves as offering a level of service and comfort on a more personal level instead of the perceived service from national hotel chains.


Bed and Breakfast

An alternative to the hotel is the bed & breakfast — these are frequently unique and charming, and offer more personalized service to the traveler. And they make a great getaway!

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