Relatively new to regulation sports in the US is the game of soccer. Major League Soccer started in America in 1996 after hosting the World Cup in 1994. Widely popular across the world (where it is called “football”, and not to be confused with American NFL Football) soccer is a fast game of skill, strategy and stamina.

No matter if the soccer player on your holiday shopping list plays indoor or outdoor, soccer equipment always makes the perfect Christmas gift for the soccer player.


Soccer Shoes

Quality soccer shoes (known as “Soccer Boots” in Europe) are a critical element of soccer equipment for the serious player. The two industry leaders in this field are Adidas and Nike. Adidas offers the Predator Power Swerve soccer cleat, claiming to have more kicking power with a glove-like fit and custom cushioning as well as the superior flexibility of the innovative split outsole. Nike’s Air Legend II soccer shoe, constructed of Kangaroo leather (known for its strength and light weight) offers a unique cleat designed for pressure dispersion and traction optimization.


Shin Guards

Protecting your friends and family on the field gives you peace of mind. When thinking of the perfect holiday present for the soccer player on your list consider shin guards as a worthy stocking stuffer. Adidas makes a wide variety of chrome shin guards in metallic silver and black that come with a detachable ankle sock and dual-strip closures for varying widths. Another great product is the Brine Triumph Shin Guards. Fused with molded foam construction with a carbon fiber center plate with air-flex technology this shin guard comfortably wraps around the shin for ideal protection.


Gifts Ideas for the Soccer Newbie

Got a soccer newbie on your list? The perfect holiday gift would be a Soccer Training Essentials Kit. This kit includes a “quick ladder”, to help improve acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction, but it also includes a lateral resistor to help increase the speed of lateral moves and step quickness. Most kits come with a recoil cord, which improves strength, as well as agility cones to help improve acceleration, deceleration and direction change.

The beauty of this gift is that the new soccer player can practice in the back yard, at the park or practically anywhere building and honing skills all the while exercising and building stamina, which is very important for this game.

The ultimate stocking-stuffer for the avid soccer player is Soccer Agility Rings. This set of 12 rings help improve footwork, speed and are ideal for agility training. By setting up the rings in any pattern, the soccer player can run, walk, bound or even hop from ring to ring to develop balance, coordination and flexibility.

To help increase running skills, “Speed Chute” makes an ideal gift. The speed chute, with its parachute like construction, is used to increase running speed, acceleration and lower body strength. Through the use of a waist belt, one runs, which allows the chute to provide resistance. Once the chute is released, the acceleration boost is felt. It’s an ideal gift for the soccer player who is looking to improve endurance.

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