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Joe Burcher Outdoors Shallow Raider Magnum $21.99

Joe Bucher Outdoors Shallow Raider Magnum

Joe Bucher Outdoors Shallow Raider Magnum


To target big game fish species Joe Bucher Outdoors Shallow Raider Magnum is sure to be the best stocking stuffer for the fisherman in your life this holiday season. For those living in a very beautiful coastal area a wealth of fresh seafood is usually available, predominantly fish and shellfish. The cultivation and farming of seafood known as aquaculture is a very important source of protein in...

There are so many other sports than the just the mainstream popular sports. Perhaps you have someone on your list that enjoys Motocross, UFC, wresting, cricket, lacrosse, horse racing, rugby, boxing or even poker (yes, it’s considered a sport per ESPN!), or fantasy football, fantasy baseball or fantasy basketball??


Motor Cycles

Racing with motorcycles, (motocross) is fun and exhilarating. This great spectator sport has some amazing fans who like to stay connected to their drivers. The motorcycle enthusiast will certainly enjoy driving goggles and gloves as well as a sturdy body suit.

If your friend or loved ones ride a road bike, then leather boots are the best. When it comes to Motocross “No Fear” boots or Apline Star are the boots recommended most. However, Redwing is ultimately the best brand of boots for motorcycles. Redwing boots protect one’s feet and ankles. Contrary to popular opinion, the lace up boot laces tuck in to the boot to avoid the chain or foot peg.


In the Ring

Ultimate Fighting Championship, Mixed Martial Arts, boxing and kick boxing all have gained in popularity over the past several years. Relying upon physical strength alone, these athletes depend on their stamina and endurance. Consider getting your loved ones some DMSO. As a cream or a gel, DMSO is a substance that is rapidly absorbed into the skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory. As a potent anti-oxidant, DMSO scavenges the highly reactive molecules that contribute to disease and aging. This substance is reported to work very well on tired and sore muscles. Traumeel cream also works well on bruised areas.


Got Poker?

Despite the most commonly held opinion, Poker, especially Texas Holdem, has swiftly become the “chess” of modern day. There is even a World Series of Poker online, coupled with online poker playing. A great gift idea for the online poker player would be a heat chair massager (because poker players stay seated much of the time) or even a wireless mouse (as online poker players use their computers primarily) to help preserve their wrists.

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