Got a basketball player on your Christmas shopping list? No problem! There are so many terrific gift ideas for the basketball fanatic, that even Santa couldn’t do a better job selecting just the right gift.

For the basketball fan, getting your friend or loved one their favorite team’s jersey is a wonderful gift idea. Not only will it “help support the team,” but their gift can be proudly worn on the court when they play.


Basketball Apparel

There are many types of apparel needed when playing basketball. In addition to a comfortable, breathable jersey, there are also shorts, socks and shoes. One can never underestimate the power of the proper shoe. Running up and down the court for the length of a game (technically, 48 minutes, but with time outs, fouls etc. most go for about 2.5 hours) can wear on one’s feet. A couple of the best brands of shoes on the market today are High Jordans with their slick, yet comfortable appearance. Nike Hyperizers and Hyperdunks are good too and worn by NBA players.


Basketball Equipment

One of the best holiday presents you can give would be a hoop! There are so many different kinds to choose from, depending upon your budget and where the hoop will be placed. A very popular hoop is the Wall-Mount Adjustable Basketball Hoop. With its 54 inch acrylic backboard, and an impressively durable breakaway rim, and an extension that reaches up to 3 feet from the front of the backboard to the wall, this makes a must have gift for any hoops fan.


There are also portable hoops to choose from. One popular portable hoop is The Storm, and is designed for just about anywhere. With easy height adjustments, and heavy foam padding (in a wide variety of colors) this portable goal is extremely stable and will not tip over.

Hands down the maker of the best basketball made is Spaulding. Thankfully, back in 1929 someone decided to create a basketball, instead of using the soccer ball. Known as the inflatable’s, basketballs vary in texture, color, as well as use (indoor or outdoor) and you can spend up to $150 for an Official NBA Ball. Ranging in size from 28.5 inches to 33 inches, the official NBA regulation basketball is 29.5 inches to 30 inches in circumference and a proper pressure of 7.5 to 8.5 pounds.

Someone on your list have every conceivable basketball item available? Consider the basketball accessories kits complete with basketball pump!

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