Flowers as Christmas Gifts

When giving flowers as Christmas gifts, there are a few things to consider. First, are you giving live flowers or cut flowers? The shopping approach is different for each one, and at, we want to make sure you know all your gift idea options. In this directory, we cover the pros and cons of giving all types of flowers.


Giving Live Flower Plants

There are benefits to giving living Christmas gifts. First of all, potted flowers last much longer than cut ones. While potted flower plants may not be in full bloom all year, they will spring back to life each flowering season. Many can be stored for the winter, out of sight out of mind, and can be brought back out again when the weather warms. Each year the plant will get bigger, lusher and will produce better flowers than the year before.

Unfortunately, there are a few cons to giving live flower plants as gifts. For one, your recipient will need enough space in her home to store and keep the potted plant. Remember that live flower plants require consistent care, such as watering and trimming. You recipient will be responsible for this care once they receive your gift.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons in this case, but if you aren’t sure your recipient is up to the task, then send cut flowers instead. All they’ll have to do it throw them away when they’re done.


Giving Cut Flowers & Flower Arrangements

There are a million reasons to give flowers (see our Flowers & Plants directory for nine fantastic reasons to send flowers). Professional flower arrangements are often overlooked at Christmas time, but they do make wonderful gifts.

Flower arrangements are bright, beautiful, bold and sensual. They can be exotic, fragrant and/or colorful. Order flowers from all over the world, combining them for an unusual and exotic Christmas gift idea.

Size doesn’t always matter when giving flower as Christmas Gifts. Large arrangements can be spendy, but always impress. Dress up smaller arrangements with antique or designer containers (see our Plant Accessories section for more ideas).


The Middle Ground—Flowering Houseplants

Yes, you can have the best of both worlds with a flowering houseplant. When happy, these plants will product flowers:

  • Poinsettias—A classic Christmas time flower.
  • Begonias—You can keep them inside too!
  • Peace Lillies—Ordinarily green and lush, this houseplant will produce a beautiful white flower or two.
  • Aloe Vera—Medicinal and beautiful? Yes, it’s true—when well cared for, Aloe will spring up with some unusual blooms.
  • Orchids—Since they have such specific growing conditions, Orchids are a bit harder to keep alive than some other potted flowers. However, when they bloom, all the hard work is worth it!

Please see our Plants section for more information.

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