Health & Fitness Information

Wading through the pages and pages of information available on the internet on health and fitness could easily overwhelm most anyone just trying to find the simplest of things, such as how many calories should one eat a day.

Offering views from a broad spectrum of beliefs, health and fitness information is almost as diverse as the number of diets on the market; all claiming to do the same thing, all claim their product is the most effective.


President’s Council

The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition is a convenient website that is designed to educate all Americans about fitness, sports, and nutrition. The President’s Challenge is comprised of a collection of programs designed to aid people of every age and physical capacity to develop their fitness by looking at overall habits regarding physical activity and nutrition. This web site offers many standards through which to gauge the existing fitness of all age groups, such as physical fitness tests for children, teens and adults.

Web MD

This is an all-inclusive site that offers the ABC’s of fitness, nutrition and health. While the site has gotten well known by people who consider themselves ill, and who go to the site to self-diagnose their health issues, for which results are seemingly alarming, the site offers good sound advice from Fitness A to Z, to the top 10 home exercises, to how to lose those unwanted pounds.


Fitness For Women

A very popular site that women flock to for information on health and fitness is Women’s Health Magazine. This online magazine is specifically designed for women and caters to everything from work-out tips, to make-up application, to weight loss hints and tasty recipes. Consider giving a subscription gift to the woman on your shopping list.


Fitness For Men

The most popular source for men, when it comes to health and fitness issues, is Men’s Health Magazine. Created with a man’s health in mind, this online magazine covers everything from men’s health issues to nutrition to work out tips; including video clips. Consider a subscription gift for the health-conscious man.


Alternative Health

Beyond the realm of Western Medicine is Alternative medicine catering to those who prefer a more natural approach to healing. Incorporating organic foods, herbs and specific vitamins and minerals, as well as, nutrients, alternative medicine has gained in popularity over the past years offering less invasive and more germane forms of therapies for people seeking an alternative to the drugs prescribed by practitioners of Western allopathic medicine.

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