Stereos & MP3 Players

Giving a stereo or MP3 Players as your holiday gift has never been easier or more fun! But how do you decide in a sea of stereos and MP3 players which makes the best Christmas gift?

In addition to speakers, current stereo systems can include ancillary components such as a CD player, audio equalizer, amplifier and perhaps even an audio cassette player and/or a record player, depending upon the level of music aficionado you are shopping for this year.

As well, at home today, most audio and video systems are, in fact, integrated with each other as well as other home equipment such as one’s heating and air conditioning units, lights, and almost any other electronic device; all from one’s iPhone or Droid.

Fortunately, with one fully universal remote, one can, with the simple push of a button turn on the TV or start a movie, voila! Lights can be programmed to be turned on or off (both inside and outside), an alarm can be set that will go off at the selected time, all over the house. All of this easily navigated through the convenience of one’s phone.


Integrating Technology

All of this information could leave one’s head swimming, but as a gift, it’s one that truly can’t be beat. In homes today, networking is practically a requirement. The magic of a wireless router is no longer sufficient or compatible with today’s technology. One such streaming technology that has been quite popular in Europe, is Spotify, for music. A good wired and wireless home allows for laptop access, internet enabled phone, sending music, or listening to radio and television throughout every room of the house.


MP3 Players

Much like the portable CD players of yesteryear, the MP3 player is one of the electronic devices that have become as popular as cell phones.

Here are the top selling MP3 players to select the perfect holiday gift!

The Apple iPod Touch, 32GBWith so many features this Touch is almost shouldn’t be called an MP3 player! It has games, email, web browsing, music and movies.

The Zune HD, 32 GB

The Zune HD is one of the best portable music and video devices in the market today. Providing a unique media experience.

The SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip, 4GB

One of the most competitively priced MP3 players available, with a clip-on design, this is MP3 player for the gym.


Size matters

When shopping for the MP3 player, it’s important to keep in mind the size of the device. How portable is the player? How much space does the device have? How many songs will it hold? Typically, the higher the GB number is, the more songs the MP3 player can hold. For example, a device that is 32GB can hold over 500 hours of songs.

For the music lover on your list, and MP3 player makes a great Christmas present and is a welcome gift for those who have over 500 CD’s in their music collection – which can be easly ported over to the MP3 player.

2013 is projected to be a great year for giving. Check out the top Christmas gifts this season in our featured gifts section.

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