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Electronic gadgets come in all shapes and sizes and serve many purposes. Some are just for fun, while others provide safety, convenience, information or comfort. As technology advances, smart-phones evolve, and computers get smaller and smaller, electronic gadgets are being rolled out like hot-cakes. Electronic gadgets are great as Christmas gifts, because everyone can appreciate a gadget here and there to make life easier, or for entertainment.

Here are our top electronic gadget gift ideas for this holiday season. They can all be found here in our Electronic Gadget gift directory:


Entertainment Gadgets

  • Musical hat, t-shirt or pillow—No need for headphones anymore; speakers are built into these handy items. Soothe yourself to sleep, entertain friends at a party, or liven up your daily commute.
  • Novelty tattoo sleeves—Freak out Grandma this Christmas by giving everyone in your family full arm tattoo sleeves. Easy to remove (just roll off), washable, and highly entertaining.
  • Shower Radios—The perfect accompaniment to singing in the shower! A shower radio will help pass the time, and make showering more enjoyable. Perfect for teens.


Useful Gadgets

  • Crazy alarm clocks—We all dread the awful beep of traditional alarm clocks. Switch it up with an exciting version, like the Rocket Alarm. It shoots a mini-rocket when it goes off. Snoozers will have to get out of bed to find the launched piece in order to turn it off.
  • Coin Saving Jar—It counts your money as you put it in, and keeps digital track of your coin savings. Some even come with digital locks, so you have to enter a code to get your money out.
  • Key finders—We all lose our keys from time to time, but there are people who are notorious for it. Help them out with this handy gift idea. They’ll be able to find their keys with help from this little gadget.


High-Tech Electronic Gadgets

  • Solar power phone charger—This handy gadget plugs into a cell phone and charges from solar power. Perfect for camping, travel, or just saving money on the electric bill.
  • Wireless camera with night vision—So tiny, it will fit in the palm of your hand. This high-tech device is good for indoor and outdoor use. We can think of a million and one ways to use this gadget, making it a popular Christmas gift idea.
  • Touch Screen Gloves—We all love our smart phones, but touch screens are virtually useless when wearing winter gloves. Not anymore! Touch screen gloves are specifically designed to conduct electricity as if they were real skin. Keep these gloves on and text away!

2013 is projected to be a great year for giving. Check out the top Christmas gifts this season in our featured gifts section.

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