DVD Players

DVD players are quickly following the route of 8-track tapes and 33 RPM LP’s in that technology has evolved so quickly that there exists a new and better digital player, in the form of the Blu-ray player that is leaving the old DVD disc in the dust.

DVD’s are light years from where video cassettes were 20 years ago. DVD’s capacity to hold more information as exponentially expanded and reaches beyond music or video and includes data and information in other formats.

Relatively indestructible, the DVD disc itself, will last, seemingly forever. But, similar to LP’s and records; if a DVD gets scratched then it’s effectively useless. This is just one element considered a downfall for the DVD movie subscriber or music aficionado.

As well, with the digital television transition in 2009, retailers have been upgrading television technology to an unparalleled level, fiercely competing with the extremely high standards of movie quality.
The DVD technology itself hasn’t changed that much since its rise in popularity in the mid 1990′s effectively changing the industry forever.

Much like CD players, DVD players read the contents of a disc and play back images on one’s TV. And while there are many kinds and styles of movies, the DVD player, much like the VCR does not do much more than play movies (or music).

The industry has been evolving from DVD’s to Blu-ray Disc technology. A relatively new optical disc design was adopted by such media giants as Dell, Hitachi, Sony, Apple and Sharp; this format was established to allow for recording and high-definition video playback. Offering five times the standard DVD’s storage space, the consumer now has an unprecedented high-definition experience.

About 200 of the world’s most prominent consumer companies (such as PC, video game, electronics, and music companies) presently support Blu-ray, and the technology is quickly becoming the industry standard for entertainment and will eventually replace DVD’s altogether.

Ranging in price comparable to the DVD players when they first came out, a Blu-ray disc player is affordable for anyone to give as a gift.

It’s important to note that only the Blu-ray discs can be played in the Blu-ray player. Today, movies are produced in two different formats (DVD and Blu-ray) due to the Blu-ray evolution still taking place.

For this reason, if you’re going to buy a Blu-ray player for that someone special on your list, consider purchasing Blu-ray movies at the same time. Most popular movies have already been released in Blu-ray format to make things easier.

If there is a gamer on your holiday list, consider purchasing an Xbox gaming console. Not only will you get the gaming console and the ability to play thousands of games, but the technology in the Xbox gaming console includes an HD Blu-ray player.

Don’t forget! An HD television set is also a requirement for the Blu-ray player.

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